Zelda Resources

Hey guys,I'm looking for resources from the original zelda game on NES.It would be greatly appreciated to anyone who has some.Thanks.;D

Favourite game and program

What is you your favourite RPGmaker\Gamemaker\ika\sphere to use?And what was your favourite game to make on it.


Why are there SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many invalid downloads!!?? >:( >:(

Pokemon Stuff

Is anybody out there making a pokemon game?if so,I have some event stuff that I can show you for Pokeballs!! and other stuff,so just say the word and I'll show it to you.

Music trouble

when I use RM2K and RM2K3 I cannot play regular midi files.The Wave Music and MP3 Files work but not the ordinary...Any Help?

Side Scrolling

Umm,Hi so anyway,would anyone know how to make a side scrolling game.(this is way to broad)So let's just say I'd Like to know how to make an original mario(Super Mario bros.1)level.Don't say to try the Alter AILA 2 demo,because it won't work.I need to know how to run around jump on platforms,and stomp on enemy's heads.(Again this might be too broad but Remember,Just one level.)

PERMISSION:Ephiam and Kentona,READ THIS!!

Before I release a demo for my newly submitted ''Space Quest''.I need permision from Kentona and Ephiam,because I am using resources from Hellion and Dragon Fantasy.If you say yes,then expect a neat game

New resource section

Kentona,or any Admin,if you're reading this:Good,if not:not good.Does anybody besides me think about having some more resource sections on RMN?I think a midi one would be nice.

RPG maker needs

If you were the maker of RPG maker,what else would you make in it??

what is this

when you try to get a game and it says invalid download,what does it mean?No,i'm not stupid,I know it means you can't play it,but I'm learning about technical stuff so please answer.
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