Big, hot things that burn down buildings and hurt people.

Last night at 2:00 my apartment building building caught on fire a the top right corner. Luckily, everyone got out. Plus absolutely none of my stuff was damaged. It was still kinda freaky though in your car looking at enourmous flames...

Has anybody else on RMN had to do with a fire before? (Other than watching...)

1001 ways to get in trouble.

Hey people,post ways to get in trouble at school or anywhere here.
Yeah this is moronic,I was bored.

Anyway here's one:At school take out a BIG bottle of pop and shake it very, very hard.Open it up fast and point it at someone. You'll get in trouble for sure. ;D

Time you spend on RMN and what you do while you're on.

The name explains the concept.

I usually go on for 20 minutes about 2 or 3 times a day,while I'm on I usually check forum acitivity and recently updated games.I usually spend more time on if an updated game is one I'm interestied in.

Worst sickness thing

Me personally I have to say I HATE dierriha(sorry if I spelled it wrong)and barfing.
I am sick right now and am throwing up and crapping like crazy so I was just curious about people on RMN.

Now excuse me while I go barf...

Mystic Door

I am using RM2K3 and I am looking for a door abot 3 squares high,and long,with a little eye in the middle.I need a door like this in silver and in an open and closed
Thanx if you can help me.

Coffee Preferences

I really hate the bitterness of coffee so I LOAD it with sugar and cream.

Now,what do you like in your coffee?

How you found RMN

The name pretty much suggests it,if someone already made a topic like this,direct me to it.

Otherwise:2 years ago a friend of mine got RPGmaker2003.I got it,but stopped using it shortly.One day,I was going through files,and I saw RPGmaker.I started looking for game downloads,and there was RMN.

That's it.again:if someone already made a topic like this,direct me to it.


Testing 1 2 3Yeah
Delete this topic

Resource Sites

What sites do you guys go on to get your RPG maker resouces?It doesn't matter what maker you use.I currently use


I'm just looking around for resources,and Charas doesn't have the things that I want.
(Don't ask what I want >:()

The Battle Forum

This is the battle forum!What you do is make "(" This mark.Write what you do.When you are finished,put ")".I'll start.

(Twom draws his sword and waits for an opponent.)
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