rpg maker xp

How do you make an rpg maker game from so not need the rtp package?

The number of skills for characters

Yeah, I have a question. In A game I'm making, my characters are given a handful of skills that I try to incorperate within them. But sometimes, I think that I have given them too few, and yet, were I to play the game, some of the skills that I do give these characters I would never use in the actual playing of the game. There are those people who believe that it's important to give characters lots of skills, and no I'm not using the spell book teaching method. They just get these skills as they go up in level. For the most part.

Maker XP Fonts

This seems like a crazy simple question, but how do I change the font in the scripting. I searched for the subclass of fonts, and the only one I found was for Script_Timer. Which class or whatever do I go to to change the font for the entire game?

[XP] Avoiving the Guards

This is one of the oldest challanges in RPGs. Walk into a dungeon or prison, avoiding the guards seeing you. If they do, then it's "I see you" and start over. Is there a way to do this using events? I can't find anything in the conditional branches that even allow for such things.

battle skills and spells

Okay, I am having some difficulty making up my mind about how to do the skill systems of my game I am working on. My idea is that I try to do something similar like m first game. Everyone was given nine to fifteen skills/spells and that was all. Although some skills crossed between characters, mostly each character kept to their own skills and abilities.
In this new game I am thinking of doing the same things, but four of my characters are swordsmen, and one of them can do almost all of the abilities at the beginning of the game. I was wondering if I should make the swordsmen skills available to all of the sword characters, and then augment them with specific skills for that swordsman. One of those things that I would have liked to avoid was the endless scrolling between abilities that most people don't use anyway. Any ideas?

Demo/Final Product

I have a question about the Demo and the final product. The demo is put out before the product to get the gamers interested in the final product, and then you put out the product. At least that's how it is ideally. But at this site, it's possible to have both out on the same page? When the final product is put out should the demo still be available?

Space in the maps

Looking around and seeing people talk about maps, there's something that people call open space. There's too much open space here and there, or there's too this or that. How is the maker suppose to know what is considered too much open space. Even if the maker is able to reduce the space, there are times when they can't either because of map effect, or trying to edit a map already made, and the map can't be altered any more. Do we even care about open spaces? There are a number of commercial games that have too much open space. Why should it matter here? And if it does, how might one improve it, without sacrificing the work that they already put into a game? Food for though anyone.


Hey, it has come to my attention, that the name of my game should be changed. I titled my game "King's Quest." Knowing now, that I did not know when I named it, there is an old series of games that go by the same name. Someone spoke to me that I should consider changing the name of the game because of the name, "King's Quest" there was a possibility that the makers would find out about my game's title, and cause problems later, even though it's completely home made. He recommended that I change the name of my game, and maybe even add a disclaimer about my game, which is nothing like the commercial video game. Any thoughts?

This website and appropriate day and time.

I am trying to submit my demo, but I am running into several problems. One is that I can't provide a download for my demo, and the second one is something called "submit day and time" I try to provide a day and time, but when I put something down inside the appropriate slot it says, "please enter a valid day and time" How do I do that?
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