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I'll start, Yo momma's so dumb it took her 2 hours to watch 60 minutes. :P

Jeremiah's Bedroom[DEMO] (release something day VI)

Jeremiah's Bedroom

Engine: RPG Maker 2000(RTP Required!)


A horror game created by me for release something day VI. You play as Elizabeth, a woman who deeply cares about her son Jeremiah. Guide her through her apartment as she goes through the 'trials' of Jeremiah. Find out the cause of her deep care and concern in this game.



  • Custom Title Menu.
  • Custom Pause Menu.
  • A cooking mini game.
  • An Awesome story by Keith Latch!


With RTP

Without RTP


= Interact/Menu selection
= Run
= Pause/Save
Arrow Keys = Move/Menu selection


Please let me know about any bugs you may find in the game. It uses a lot of custom systems and there are probably plenty of bugs in the game.

Kirby project [Need Spriters and Artists!] (RPG maker 2003)

Hello, I am in need of some spriters and artists for my Kirby project in RPG maker 2003. I need a spriter that can make custom Kirby sprites; like Megaman kirby, Samus kirby, Grenade kirby, etc.. I need an artist that can make custom title screens and level select screens. I also need some people to give me ideas for the game. Preferably people who have played a Kirby game. This project will probably take a long time, so I need people who are faithful and willing to stay with it.

Example of custom Kirby sprites:

Here is a video of what I have so far."] -Kirby Project Version 1.4

My email:

Tic Tac toe, Classic Tic Tac toe (Complete Game) Rpg maker 2003


Lol. A story for tic tac toe? Hmmmm..


X: X is a feisty one with a fiery temper. He will do anything to stop O from getting 3 in a row.

O: O is peaceful and quiet. He doesn't really care about winning or losing.


The action takes place on the tic tac toe board, where 2 players try to get 3 X's or O's in a row. The first to get 3 in a row is declared the winner. The row can be vertical, horizontal, or diagnol.


Player vs Player: No Computer players. Only human.

Win Counter: The game counts each player's wins. Draws are not counted



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