Working on a new Halloween game~!


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Hiya friends~!It seems there are just a few weeks till Halloween,so I decide to make a surreal exploration RPG in which you can customize your playable character and explore through different fantastic realms filled with wondrous creatures and hidden treasures.Oh,I didn't make a progress in any of my YouChou Projects,because I've been sticking with other franchises and mostly Pokémon fanimations and stuff,but oh well.Due to that much interest to Pokémon,I'm going to start a new RMN account where I'll post summaries about my Pokémon fangames,as well as some Arichu Freaks RPGs.

And have you ever heard about RPG Maker MV?It's Enterbrain's(maybe) very latest RPG Maker engine which you can use to make RPGs for mobile devices~!
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