My youtube is actually called amautifect too, it's just that's what I had to put in there to make it go to the correct place.

I am currently playing my third rpg horror game on my channel. If you want me to play yours or have a suggestion as to what I should play next please let me know :)




I don't know what to do anymore, please help

HOME (OFF fangame)

Hi again Judge I think I might be stuck again. I looked around a little more after the video stopped and I'm pretty sure it's just me being stupid. Help very appreciated :)

Love the game though, btw.

HOME (OFF fangame)

I don't know how to get any further from this point, please help

HOME (OFF fangame)

HOME (OFF fangame)

I have started a let's play of your game on my youtube channel and so far I'm liking it a lot :)


How do i get to the conclusion, do i have to have all of the conspiracy theories as well?
You have to have all of the conspiracy clues, yep!

Okay, thanks. Just have two more to find then :)


How do i get to the conclusion, do i have to have all of the conspiracy theories as well?

Corpse Party - ever after -

Is the next chapter done soon? Creator if you want to message me when it's up so i don't miss it, that would be really nice of you :) comment on youtube or something

Dear RED

My let's play of Dear Red :)

Perspective: Extended Edition

Downloaded it, my computer won't let me open it cause it thinks it's a threat.
Is it Norton? They have a 'reputation' threat level, it just means that the programme doesn't recognise the file, not that it has a problem. Check what the description of the issue is, I'm sure it's just something of that nature. I downloaded and extracted and it caused no problems for me, and I've got a fairly stringent protection protocol.

No it's not Norton, I think it was just Chrome. I have it now though.
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