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Variable Adding Per Level

One Last Question for the night

I want it to add +1 to Variable (Level UP), everytime the hero levels but so i dont have to add the event to every map, is there an easy way to do this

Stop Event on Button Escape

Ive made a map which i want the players character to randomly wander on and stumble across like trees and rocks and auto mine them - but how can i make it so if the player presses Esc on the Keyboard the event ends and it transfers the player back to
(001,005) in Town

Help would be much appreciated - Please and Thank You

Rpg Maker VX Ace - Stat Help

Ahh thanks i guess ill just change the name of Luck to Item Crafts

So it just shows how many Items youve crafted ingame - (My game has Item Crafting :P)

Rpg Maker VX Ace - Stat Help

Would someone be able to explain what all the stats do in detail for RPG Maker Vx Ace would be very helpful - It would help alot i have no clue what Lucks doing....

Please and Thank you


Make coins count as like 2 gems O.o?


Is that a pillow just above the fence in the middle O.o


Lookin good :D

Erase Save Data When Death

I Think i may just put it when you die your character goes into the hall of fame you cant move him, so theres nothing to do but overwrite them

Erase Save Data When Death

Is there a way so when the player dies there save data is completely erased? - I want it for a survivors dungeon like game

Party New 2.PNG

Much better character choose system that ive got goin on my game in production currently

Mine is just an event with 4 choices
Choose Warrior
Choose Mage
Choose Priest
Choose Rogue

(Wanna swap haha)?