Just a guy trying to build a game :P




Casually got a Massive (Zakum) on the screen haha :p

Testers Needed!!

They are im think about just getting a 128 page writing book and putting each page with 20 numbers and right at top of page what this one is about then have an index on the first pages - cause there all over the place i would like it better if i had them ordered haha :P

Death from Event on Map, Rpg Maker VX Ace

Hmmm maybe O.o its just adding a parallel process common event to every one :p

Dungeon Hero ALPHA

Havent downloaded it might try my hand at it, it may already have a crafting system

But making one would make it alot more like runescape if your aiming for that, you dont need to make a stat but you could make like

Bronze Axe - Can only cut the first trees, and make it you need like 10 logs to make a Steel Axe - Which can cut better trees instead of having a whole stat for it

Just a suggestion but.

(Screenshots look nice)

Death from Event on Map, Rpg Maker VX Ace

So in a few parts of the game im making theres traps on maps that when you stand on it has Lose -5 Hp to Hero 100HP Max he has, how can i make it that when his hp gets to 0 instead of killing him it just takes him to town?

Very clueless :P

Testers Needed!!

Haha my games going terrible

I havent been working on Naked Knight lately

Ive spent 4 or 5 hours creating a game only got partly through that ive been thinking alot about how to work on things in it since i have crap loads of variables everywhere

Testers Needed!!

Ahh thats pre cool haha - so is it just finding time thats making it hard?

Death on the Map - RPG Maker Vx Ace

Hey - So in my game you can take damage on the map and due to only having 1 hero i want it if your hp goes below 0 it takes you back to town instead of Game Over - any idea

Please and Thankyou

Testers Needed!!

Its an open idea but, you could get a developer to make tiles graphics while you do graphics and place them on the map? - The fact its in Game Maker - Not sure if you have pro but anyway the fact its in Game Maker makes it a bit harder to team up with other people swapping stuff other than Rpg Maker.

Variable Adding Per Level

Im on Rpg Maker VX Ace

Hmmm - I think i might make it update so Set Variable to (Hero's Level) when you enter town :D - Thanks for replies guys