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That light shining down - Absoloutely Awesome

Rpg Maker XP Sprites to RPG Maker VX Ace Sprites

Hey - is there a way i can make my Rpg Maker XP Sprites put into VX Ace so they work perfectly, so bigger spritesheets cause i have a bunch which i want in RPG Maker VX Ace but i dont have XP so i cant use it would rather make it in Ace which i have?

Please and Thankyou


That is cool do you have tah like jump on the cart with like spacebar?

Need Help with Desgin and writing story for my game

Have the battle simply have under the commands, If lose do something different but make that something change actor graphic then teleport to whatever map you wanna teleport to

3rd tab under Sytem Settings - I think thats what you want


Haha Invinca Character - Be a good mode to play after youve completed the game :P

How do i make Agility and Luck Do nothing in VX Ace

I would like to know if i could make Luck and Agility do nothing - Ive changed there terms to HP Bonus and MP Bonus, i just want them to do nothing but be able to show the bonuses

- I do know how to go into script i just dunno where they are and what to erase

Please and Thank you for Anwsers :D


I like this :D - Ferkin looks pre cool

Auto Battling In then Out without Space on VX Ace

Thanks guys got it :D


I like what you can do with Unity - Ive never used it myself but have heard good things about it.

Party approval rating (VXAce)

I always have 1 problem with Variables but - how do i keep track of how much it is ingame

Like i wanna be able to make it say in text how much of something you have so

You have 40 Iron Ore

Instead of writing 40 Different Event Pages :P