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Party approval rating (VXAce)

Ahh okay - i didnt really know what he meant, so i couldnt tell if he wasnt good and needed to know how to change stats.

But yeah Variable for Each Character.

Sorry :P



Gretels gonna destroy all

Party approval rating (VXAce)

Is this what you meant?


Im am awful jealous of your map making skills :P - mine look like blotchy crap everywhere

Auto Battling In then Out without Space on VX Ace

Hey - Can i make it so in battles it doesnt say
(A Slime Emerged) At the start and when you win it doesnt give you the victory message or anything it just takes you back to the map - some parts of my game i want it to show a battle with an Auto Character and A Monster so the player just watches without having to press spacebar at all.

Please and Thankyou

looking for team!

If yuou have very little experience I would reccomend making some small games and getting some more experience - and if you dont know how to work variables or switches your still nowhere near anything, spend a little while getting better at making games yourself before posting a big i wanna make a huge pokemon game

Trap damage on the map minus trap defence VX Ace

On VX ace ive poked around the events but i cant seem to find one - on the map you can walk over traps and trigger them, magical defence has been changed to trap defence but i cant figure out how to make the trap Deal 50 Damage - Trap Defence I can only find change (change hp minus event) but that doesnt give me the choice to make it -50 hp and reduce that damage based on trap defence

Please and Thank You for help

Variance in Damage on Rpg Maker VX Ace

so its a % not a certain number if so yeah thats cool - so if ive got it right it will go between 20% below and 20% Above?

Variance in Damage on Rpg Maker VX Ace

Hey, I have the skill (Attack) set to a.atk *1 - b.def *1, but then variance is set to 20 what does it mean by Variance i only so my newbies attack is 10, what should the variance be set to if i want his attack to be able to go up to like 15 or down to 5 with the attack at 10, I mean i just dont understand the variance stat

Please and Thank you for Help