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Variance in Damage on Rpg Maker VX Ace

Hey, I have the skill (Attack) set to a.atk *1 - b.def *1, but then variance is set to 20 what does it mean by Variance i only so my newbies attack is 10, what should the variance be set to if i want his attack to be able to go up to like 15 or down to 5 with the attack at 10, I mean i just dont understand the variance stat

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I like this :D

Always attack the Tank class?


Really like this - Mostly the Main Island where the Events are placed and the Castle to the right of the map, The islands to the south are all plain - but it is an Alpha stage so :D - Good job

Always attack the Tank class?

In my game during fights how can i make it so that the monsters only attack the Warrior until the Warriors dead then they move onto attacking out of random the Priest,Mage and Rogue?

Im using RPG Maker VX Ace

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Start Small :D

Death from Event on Map, Rpg Maker VX Ace

well you only choose 1 hero so its okay with that :P i got it working thanks for that :D

A list of projects Im going to need help with , im no scripter

Mate i think you need to look around for a while dabble with easy games slowly making up

The camp to castle system would be really easy a basic variable thing you just need to know about setting and adding variables -

No 9 Will probably be a bitch unless you have like a variable called Flowers and set it everytime you bring her flowers she adds 1 Love point or bring her chocolates 2 love points

6 - Thats gonna require a buttload unless you can find a script in which case most scripts your gonna need to know variables or - text edits such as one of Yanflys Skill edits

<skill list, 3> - i think you put in the item haha :P

No 2 - Hmm not sure,

Just send me a Message in Mailbox if you want to chat about Variables or such i still have some troubles but Variables are easy now - I will even make some mini maps for you that shows you how to do these Variables or the building system.

(Just suggestions but you dont have to Message me but i normally come on 3 or 4 times a day)

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Haha yeah i guess so - I like it :D


I like your Terraining :D