Non kaduki-like battlers for Yanfly Engine Melody

I was wondering for your opinions about this, using your default sideview battlers in melody just like in tankentai, is it okay if anyone will see a project done like this? Making a sprite out of kaduki style is really time consuming, imagine making your rtp sprite edits and turning them into kaduki format, isn't it time consuming? :) I need opinions for this.

Cokidoki Team Recruitment

Anyone interested in making a game in VX or VX ace? Well, I'm looking for members and co-workers :3 I wanna make a game along with people here in RMN :>

Edit 1: I'm planning to use, VX and I'm gonna use battle engine melody :>

BTW, guys, if anyone of you wants to join, you can always post here. And if possible, may I ask of these things?

Skills: (What you are good at, mapping ,spriting, scripting, photoshop, etc)
And of course, may I ask for sample works of yours? :> I'll be posting some pictures of my work here later.

Wondering. O.o

Are we allowed to make teams here for creating their games?

It's my GIRLFRIEND's birthday! yay!

HAHAHA. this is just random. Happy birthday to my dearest girlfriend. :"> thanks for being the most wonderful girl I have ever met. :*** I love you so much!

Hello there :3

Hello there guys :3 Im a new guy here in I hope I'll enjoy my stay here :3
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