We are the team from "Taiwan".

Nobody Studio is a team of indie game developers, we are not physical studio.
We use our own time outside working hours to make the game.
Because the lack of funds and expertise, our only goal is to finish the game .
We may not be able to meet the standards of other games on the market,
and there can also be errors in translation.
So if you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please leave a message to let us know.

We will be very grateful and will speed up the progress in developing
and make it better if you're willing to help us finish the game.
And we'll put the names of donators in special thanks if they're agreed to it.

The game is still in development, the gametime of this demo is around two to three hours long.
We would be very happy if you download the demo and are willing to give us some feedback or suggestion.
And please follow us on Facebook in order to get the latest information.
Echo - Our Voice
Fantasy Action RPG <Echo>, Those voices come from you and I.