We are the team from "Taiwan".

Nobody Studio is a team of indie game developers, we are not physical studio.
We use our own time outside working hours to make the game.
Because the lack of funds and expertise, our only goal is to finish the game .
We may not be able to meet the standards of other games on the market,
and there can also be errors in translation.
So if you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please leave a message to let us know.
Echo - Our Voice
Fantasy Action RPG <Echo>, Those voices come from you and I.



[RMXP] Echo (Long Action RPG) has been officially released Full version.

Hello everyone, we are a 2-person independent team from Taiwan called “Nobody Studio”. Our long action role-playing game “Echo” was officially released on Steam in December 2022. The game supports various controller operations and can also be played on Steam Deck.

It also has English, Japanese, Spanish, and Latin Spanish for players to choose from. The official version of the game can be played for more than 20 hours, and the free version of the game can be played for about 2 hours in the prologue. We welcome everyone to try it out and give us feedback on Steam to support us.

Steam for check details

Echo - Our Voice

love the opening scene ! the arts are cute , love the music & sound also.
unfortunately, i'm stuck at the statue puzzle too. i've been staring at my drawing for so long , i even use excel ! but to no avail :(

since you said that the puzzle is random i think there's error in the puzzle ? when i skip the puzzle, the position was revealed . even then , the direction just doesn't make sense :(

Sorry late to reply.
We release on steam now.
That's fixed and the game have full version now!

Echo - Our Voice

Btw, when you do get the full game, can you also post it on I do not have Steam (it has trouble keeping my password, and there are memory problems that make it more like a virus than something I want on my computer), so I'd want a way to buy and download.

Sorry late for reply.
Currently focused on development,
we will also consider non-steam purchase methods when they are released.

[RMXP] How to make another resolution of screen

Did someone have good scripts for resolution of screen? (RMXP)

[RMXP] Hello! Would you like to challenge ARPG?

Welcome to try and play. :)

Echo - Our Voice

I finished the demo! This game is awesome!

I assume those two dancing fools (redhead and the one in the dress) are the ones that worked on the mansion of doom?

I have confirmed your suggestion.
We'll fix some problem on next time.
I'm not sure if you are talk about the song of Opening?
Somebody can't see the opening movie in game.

Thank you for playing. :)
Two dancing characters is a secret of the story.
You can see the story in the Full game!

Echo - Our Voice

Okay I finished the demo. Must say I am impressed. What I thought would be above average turned out to be rlly enticing (I am sorry but I had lost hope by the annoying statue puzzle, its one of the worst I've ever played and I just skipped it 'caused I deemed it unsolvable based on the hints. Maybe get rid of the one false hint or elaborate on the position reference better? I couldn't get how I am supposed to understand right, in front, behind etc. even tho I spent more than an hour in it n it rlly got in the way of enjoyment.
Anyways once Roger joins, the game quickly retains its charm, and becomes even more interesting than it was before I encountered that statue puzzle. I rlly like it overall other than that one thing. Great job, I could totally see the dedication n love put into it. Looking forward to the full ver.

Thank you for your playing!
The puzzle is differ from person to person.
We'll try to do more better in Full ver.

Echo - Our Voice

No pressure or anything, but finish this game nao... Also, I'm gonna play the demo just cuz catchy opening theme.

We are glad to heard that.
If you have any feedback, feel free to tell us. :)

[RMXP] Hello! Would you like to challenge ARPG?

Hello, we are new from Taiwan!
We use RMXP to develop Action RPG.
You can try the Demo here!

We are Crowdfunding on Kickstarter Now.
Please support us. Thank you. :)

Echo - Our Voice

Finally this game on RMN. Good luck on the kickstarter!

Thank you! :)
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