McBacon Jam 3

Liberty, thx for playing our tech demo and for your honest feedback, its very usefull to increase our game. Sorry for some frustration. We will continue the development.

McBacon Jam 3

My First Day posted, Please play it and give us your feedback...Thx...


Team CroosForge

McBacon Jam 3

Ohh.. that's such a cute screen! Love the character design too.
Hurray for progress!

@CrossForge GO!

Also, those slimes are badass.

Thx Kylaila.

McBacon Jam 3

@eeloib: My general thought about that line in that screen is for her to say something more like...

Oh my god, my first day at school! I must find out who's the most popular, and overthrow that person! I must be at the top!

...this? Though, I do get the particular impression that short-cutting "Oh my god" was on purpose.

yes, it has a purpose. some short-cutting will be used so even. Thx for feedback..

McBacon Jam 3

Wow that looks pretty interesting, eloib. Good to see a Unity entry present.

Thx CashmereCat, the art are of my son, Rendrew.

McBacon Jam 3

We love parodies, I see my daughter talking in their child's play about the cliché of teenage movies.

The new student arrives at school and must survive the pressure of popular students. while want to win the heart of heartthrob school.

So we decided to make a parody of it. Our student comes into play, not to survive but to crush the competition.
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