Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~

oh, I didnt even notice that was a link XD mb, switching between day shift and night shift is a bitch.

Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~

where is that? I went to the content creation(technical) thread, and the only 2 links I see for character creators go to pages that are entirely in japanese. sorry I've been awake for 20ish hours so maybe I'm just not seeing it.

Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~

the problem with this is that it's all in japanese. same with the tool that's linked as the official tool for character creation over in the tech thread. I don't read japanese so it's a bit confusing. trying to figure it out seems rather daunting.


the story sounds pretty intense, but some description of the game mechanics would be nice. I've never been one to get hooked into a game on story alone.

Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~

I'm a little confused by the character editor. are you kindve stuck with the stock images unless you can make your own? not sure how to generate new appearances without being good at art.

Infinity IV: Open Source

so, questions:
how/where do you mine? cant find anything to interact with in the mine despite buying tools.
how do you craft things?
can you farm? (since you start with a farmhouse)

Eredia - Diary of Heroes

windows 10. if it helps I closed the game by just closing the window rather than pressing exit on the menu.

Eredia - Diary of Heroes

the save file exists in the folder, but isn't showing up properly when I attempt to load. I also notice that it's named differently than the other save file I created just now, not sure if that matters.
the first one is named file-1.rpgsave
the second one is named file2.rpgsave (no dash)
also the autosave is still there this time.

when I initially reopened the save folder to troubleshoot the other day when I posted this, the folder was completely empty, but despite me not interacting with the game at all since then the file-1 save appeared out of thin air. It was the only thing in the folder too which I'm pretty sure is wrong since the attempt just now created an autosave, and a global save file.

Eredia - Diary of Heroes

one more big problem: both the autosave, and regular save dissapeared after I closed the game. 5 hours down the drain. :'(

Eredia - Diary of Heroes

maybe 4 hours in now, and loving this game! The humor is really getting me, and I really like how you give the player a real chance to be a vicious bastard. none of that doing the right thing for the right reasons or doing the right thing for the wrong reasons style of moral choice here.

that said:

minor criticisms:
-The main character feels really weak. He's always the first to die, always takes high amounts of damage even from enemies who are on par with him, and doesn't do especially more damage to compensate. I mean he's only 1 level behind elric but has basically half his health. The only advantage he seems to have is the ability to use precise shot to farm 20ish tp per hit, which I suspect is unintended.

suggestions: maybe up his stat curve a bit. It's just a balance issue so easily fixable, just makes it kindve difficult to explore higher level areas without grinding a bit to compensate.

-I have difficulty with poison. For instance, the dolond cave enemies are really causing me a lot of trouble, just on base damage, which forces you to leave pretty quickly. on top of base damage, most of them cause poison which never goes away unless you cure it. They also don't give any money. The end result is that I spend all my money on food just to get partway into the cave, and when I get back the 2nd time I have no money/make no money for the trip.

suggestions: make poison not permanent. It doesn't need to be. Otherwise it just gets annoying to manage, and drains resources.
Also an indicator(screen flash or damage numbers) which displays when you take random poison damage while walking around would be a nice quality o life thing

-There are some occasional grammatical errors, but nothing too glaring.

suggestions: probly not a big deal, but it could be good to have a few people proofread to look for grammatical errors or awkward phrasings of things. especially if you're going to be selling it on steam. Just a little polish to raise the professionalism. :)

-the stats are a bit opaque. I don't think they're the standard rpg-maker stat system, but I don't know the details of what they do, or what's important. does agility raise evasion chance? I don't know. maybe.

suggestions: some kind of primer that details what the stats do or a little window that pops up when you mouse over things in the status screen would help the player know exactly how all the systems interact with each other.

-npcs block off paths in buildings. it's a small annoyance, but it is annoying to wait for them to clear a pathway. It breaks game flow hard.

suggestions: 2 space wide corridors, or some method of keeping them from unnecessarily wandering into tight corridors.

Biggest Criticism:
I'm always an avid fan of crafting in games. I love that it's pretty clear there is crafting in this game. Somewhere. Maybe I'm not far enough in, but I haven't found any information about crafting. I have a massive hoard of crafting materials, but what should I do with them? should I sell them? should I hoard them? How good is crafting in this game? I really don't know, I haven't been shown anything about it except that there are a bunch of items sitting in my inventory that I'm afraid to sell. On a side note do the sparkly ingredients respawn? it doesn't seem like it, but I'm not really sure even after reading previous comments.

suggestions: even if you don't want the player crafting from the get-go, give them some information so they know what to expect when they get crafting ingredients. I really want to know how to use all these bat wings and such.
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