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[Poll] [Vote] RMN Mascot!

the testament's mascotte is amazing!!

[RMMV] A new way to play the MV Games!

Added Chromecast Support.
Now, if you have a Google Chromecast device, you can play your MV games on your TV!

Like a free virtual console!

[SCRIPTING][RMMV]Split screen for a local multiplayer game?

Hi guys, I made this game to test the local multiplayer.
You can play it online and move the first PG using the ARROWS and the second PG using WASD (or you can use the indiepad).

But there's a problem. The camera is only on the first PG (logically)
If the second PG's not in the "Hero's Area" you can not see it.

I'm thinking that the solution to this problem is to add a "split-screen". I'm not so good with JS.
Can anybody help me?

[RMMV] A new way to play the MV Games!

What a neat little piece of software - it's so simple and works well! Well done on this, I must say. Even though it is not exactly my preferred way of controlling a game, and the controls aren't as 'fluid' and easy as I would like, it is still a well-executed product. It could be improved by making the buttons easier to press and/or giving the ability customize button locations.

Thanks Nicecatchu!

Hi guys! Nice news about the indiepad!
We added a new feature: Add Player. So now, if you're playing at a multiplayer game, you can open the menù, click on Add Player... and your friends can scan the QR Code...and play together!
No more gamepad in your bag. Just your smartphone.

Do you want to add your game?
Very easy. No script and no plugin. You can upload your Game made with MV in a zip and click on "indiepad support" in the "Upload" page of indiexpo.
Click on "Add Player" to set the second controller. (now you can set MAX 4 Players)
Too easy and very fast ! :D

p.s. there are several MV games that are using it :)

[RMMV] A new way to play the MV Games!

[RMMV] A new way to play the MV Games!

Hi Guys!
I want to show you a new feature/service/plugin for Rpg Maker MV !

We made a "new gamepad", a new way to play the MV games.
If you have an android smartphone, go here and download the app (it’s free and always will be).

Then select one of those games (my suggestion: Mom or ParaDog made with MV by artgames! wow)... scan the QR code with the App... and now you can play it using your smartphone like a gamepad!

How to add it at your game?
It's very very easy. It works only for the games made with MV that use the keys: Z, X, ESC and/or ARROWS.
Upload the zip of your game (like a html5 game) and click on "Enable indiepad support".
It's all.
Easy and fast.
No script, no code!

Try it and show me your games with the indiepad!!

rpg maker mv is a large step backwards

Watching game like this ...

... that i can play online (here) ... i don't know if it's "A LARGE STEP BACKWARDS"

Oh, yes ... it can be improved. Everything in the world can be improved. Time to time.

[RMMV]Error : Failed to load GameFont on Win Tablet

This likely isn't a problem with the game. The game's working on one device, but not another. Check your tablet's security settings.

mhm... i will try ! ;)

[RMMV]Error : Failed to load GameFont on Win Tablet

when i play this game on my PC (with Google Chrome or Edge) it works very good. It's made with RpgMaker MV and is playable online automatically on that website.
But i tried to play it on my tablet (acer) with Win10 on Edge and appears this error :
Error : Failed to load GameFont

Why ?

What are your favorite (base) enemies ?

Reporting a question on this facebook page about Rpg Maker MV .... what're your favorite base enemies in the new tool ?

I love the Zombie Boy ! :D
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