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Legend of Heroen

Nice trailer made few time ago :)

Demonio 4 - The Four Disasters

You're welcome ! You're also near to the goal of 250 downloads :D

Demonio 4 - The Four Disasters

Nice game :)

rpg maker mv is a large step backwards

Watching game like this ...

... that i can play online (here) ... i don't know if it's "A LARGE STEP BACKWARDS"

Oh, yes ... it can be improved. Everything in the world can be improved. Time to time.

[RMMV]Error : Failed to load GameFont on Win Tablet

This likely isn't a problem with the game. The game's working on one device, but not another. Check your tablet's security settings.

mhm... i will try ! ;)

[RMMV]Error : Failed to load GameFont on Win Tablet

when i play this game on my PC (with Google Chrome or Edge) it works very good. It's made with RpgMaker MV and is playable online automatically on that website.
But i tried to play it on my tablet (acer) with Win10 on Edge and appears this error :
Error : Failed to load GameFont

Why ?

Online WebBrowser Version Available!

Great ! ;)
It was also promoted on this Rpg Maker MV Facebook page
Nice job !

What are your favorite (base) enemies ?

Reporting a question on this facebook page about Rpg Maker MV .... what're your favorite base enemies in the new tool ?

I love the Zombie Boy ! :D

Vibrato Cover Art Battlers

I can't move it :(
We should wait a mod ...

Vibrato Cover Art Battlers

Today i saw this on a facebook page about RpgMaker MV :


Here it's a video :