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Engines & Free Games

i want to have the permission by the author.

About the alternative engines... is a good idea ! But we should find also the games made with them...

Engines & Free Games

we're starting a new playlist on Youtube about Engines & Free Games.
In the first episode there is Unity3D & Overgravity !

The next episode will be about Game Maker... then we want to make a video about Rpg Maker(VX?) & A-Game-Made-With-It

Do you like the idea ?
And ... do you have a nice game to show us ? So we can add it in the video. Contact me in P.M.


Noise Waltz

nice atmosphere !

The Best Naruto Game developed with Rpg Maker

Do you know what is the best game about Naruto developed with Rpg Maker (200/2003/Xp/VX/VX Ace) ?

2014 Misaos - The RESULTATIONS

wow ! oneshot is the king this year !

The winners of National French Contest 2014

Hi to all ! New year, new contest, new results !
The national contest of 2014 is finished in france few days ago.
The last year I showed you the winners of the 2013 (with also a playlist) but this time we have more classic rpg games. No innovative gameplay like wandering souls, no super light effects like Asylopole, no great maps like Zeeshan.
Is all more classic...
But i remmember that i don't know the french language so i can't tell you if the plot is fantastic or amazing.
To the new users and who is not expert of the french contest... the national french contest is called Alex D'or. It's a website (where the admin is Alex) that for many years is a landmark in the french communities. The "Alex d'Or " is like an Oscar...
But now... the winners !

3° :
Pendulum - Another Azelan Chronicle, by Knighty

It's a classic fantasy rpg. Duration : over 3 hours. In a world called Azelan , like ours, the magic is in the life of every days. But in the island called Toyna there is a big cataclysm that breaks the earth in three parts...
if you want try it HERE THE DOWNLOAD
Let's go ! The second !
Forstale - La Légende des Grands Sauveurs, by OddClock 

It's genre : adventure/action; duration over 3 hours.
"Since the humans born the wars continue. War after war... the world survives. But a day, there was a war that devastated the earth and his people forever"
If you want try or see other : HERE
And at the end... Winner of the Alex D'Or, first position : Bleeding Moons by Cabfe
Also in english!!

It's a point a click, inspired by To The Moon. Also it over 3 hours and compleate.

"You will be Ian Valmain, Count Valmain' son.
Ian will be a mercenary and he will have to find a reason for his existence"

If you want to try it HERE THE DOWNLOAD !

And you ? What do you think about them ?

The Screenshot Topic Returns


Check it out here:

The shadows are different...
and... can they pass through the door ?!

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Detective Trap (inspired by bakuman spin-off). An Italian game made with rpg maker xp. 2th position in a national contest.

( also an amazing video : here)

and the download page : here

Touhou - Wandering Souls

very very nice review about this game by StarPrincessHLC

Italian Game Contest 2013 !

As always, i show you the trailers realized by us about the winners :
3. Chronicles Of Malvagion : 

2. Detective Trap :

1. Carnelian :


You can see the trailer of winners of all national contest in the world here :