Candy Ballad

:( also, what happened to Entropy? Man, this is so interesting. These games seemed very cool. And you've gone completely silent, I wonder what was the cause of that... if you ever see this, let us know what happened!


I really liked this! I have a question,
what's the purpose of that gory pornographic image? Does it tell some story, perhaps that of Glin? Did she die such a horrible death? If so, damn.
You probably won't see this or respond but how have things been? You haven't made a game in quite some time...

Metroid Origins

woah, the first game uploaded to (and it's not even playable)

Candy Ballad

woahhh what happened to this game? I checked the tumblr blog and nothing has been posted since february 2018, no updates here - this game looked SO promising, please tell us how you've been and if you're still developing it!


Holy shit this looks cool, i gotta play this game!

Lisa "The First"

The game's interesting and disturbing but why are there unused files for a whole another rpg game xD
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