[RMVX ACE] Font Script


Does anyone know the script that enables the developer to have a FULL font effect like you would in MS Word? What I mean is that in a message at the right side of the message, every line is aligned in the same way. I saw this in a screenshot of a game but don't remember where that screenshot is or what game it was.


State Icon appears with another of a key

yes... i am not using any scripts... i am using an iconset but I am certain that I updated the original icons... for example; poison still uses the purple bubbles icon and i set this up in the state database tab... so when the enemy hit my character in battle, the poison icon showed up in the status ailment area that allows two icons max and one is the poison bubble and the other is an icon of a key....

again, thank you :)

State Icon appears with another of a key


When an enemy casts a poison spell, the poison icon shows up correctly but there is another one of a key from the icon set to the right.

In the state part of the database, the icon is correctly selected but why does it have the key as well when an ally is successfully hit with poison.

Thank you for whatever help you can provide. :)
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