World's Dawn

Have you tried playing on a different computer? I've heard of 1 or 2 other people having issues with lag, but it's very strange that it starts at the summer season...
I haven't tried yet, but I might since the computer with the game on it is due a backup. Though my other computer is kinda old and ailing so I really doubt that it would run the game better

I've managed to speed it up by selling my spring crops (I bought the fridge just so I could keep them).

Edit: I also noticed that the save files which are in summer are bigger than the ones which are in spring.

Advice on Making a First Game

Are you tempting me to implement torture? I might have to now!

Honestly if you can come up with worse player torture than a certain friend of mine I'd be impressed. I'd advise against it myself, but it's your game in the end and you probably want learning experiences too.

Advice on Making a First Game

I personally would try and include a save system. I tend to play games in two ways:
10 minute burst
three hour marathon.
I would certainly want to be able to save for a 40 min game.
Edit: Even if it wasn't a game where, say, I could fail at the last minute and then have to start all over again.

So Sunless Sea is out.

I have actually been playing it since... the Emerald beta? Back when it had a totally different battle system (I think it was spring-summer last year). I have managed to keep my save from then, so now I can play the game how it would be if there was no map shuffling! (Also, I get to cheat and have a Cargo Ship with three guns on it because I added them before that was taken away). I will have to play a 'clean' game sooner or later though.

Also, everyone, merciful mode is your friend.
And you don't even have to play as a 'man or woman' necessarily. Instead of choosing a gender you just choose a title and then an avatar and "Captain" or "Citizen" are perfectly acceptable options.

I also know some of the people who have characters based on them/their fallen london OCs in the game.

RMN Demographics

Isle of Skye - Scotland

RMN: Make My Score~<3

I am almost afraid to subscribe to this but I am too curious.

Advice on Making a First Game

Extra Credits recently did a series on making your first game, the link leads to the first ep (and they do a lot of interesting stuff on making games in general).
The gist of it was:
1: Have a goal to finish it in about 3 months. Even if it's buggy at the end of it, it is yours. Share it with your friends!
2: Have a basic idea of a schedule for completing this game.
3: in that time try out different things, and if you spend more than an hour trying to do one thing, look for a tutorial.
4: Cut, cut, cut and cut some more. At this point you want a minimum viable product, something that shows the core of the idea more than anything.

This may not be perfect for you, but it still could be helpful.

World's Dawn

Does anyone else have an issue where most of the main game lags once you reach summer? The minigames I've tried seem fine, but it's really obvious when all the dialouge takes longer to load than it did in spring and when I did part time work I heard a lot more of the song than usual.
And I've tried with a few saves too.


have you tried out pygame? I haven't yet, but it looked like a quick way to make little action games.

Welcome to RMN! Enjoy your stay!

Thank you!

I have tried out Pygame, but it seems a little to complex for me right now, at least based on the tutorials I've seen on how to use a tileset.


@Linkis: No, it's the specific... uhmm... gratingness of it? I am not sure. Eh, I have weird ears too.

Edit: I seem to have finished the game!
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