RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
I'm into digital art (check out my site: ).

I use RPG Maker 2003 and I'm learning to use ACE.


This old avatar was made by riderx40 and it's awesome! :D

My previous avatar below was made by Miracle and I totally like it! :D

Entering the world of internet communities can be a frustrating experience.

Cool Games :: a playlist on

Just some cool games I happen to enjoy

Exile's Journey
A disgraced knight must face his internal conflicts when the world is in danger.
Vampires Dawn - Reign of...
A grandpa tells his grandson a story about vampires...
Legend of Denadel 2k3
Hero's Realm meets FF6. My overly ambitious noob game.
ALEX IS: A Two-Day Colla...
A collaborative game made by 35 people
ALEX: A Two-Day Collabor...
A collaborative game made by 30 people
Account Mu
It's a puzzle game.
A Traitor's Hold
A short, comedic RPG