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Yeah send me your savefile. A switch got switched ON and there is no ingame way to fix it. Thanks fpr playing!

It's all good!

I just uploaded an old save file from Chapter 3 and was able to make my party from there! Thank you very much though

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I started another playthrough because of how much I love this game, but I'm having a problem.

I just started Chapter 4 and just finished making my party, however when I open my menu it only shows Raj in my party.

If I go to the naming desk, I can only rename Raj, but when I go to the Companion register guy again, it ask if I want to change one of my 3 companion that I made, and if I remake them in any way they still don't show up in my party.

How do I fix this bug/should I send you my save file to fix this?

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The over/under passability is pooched. Hmmm... you can send me your savefile again but I am wondering if there is a way to reset it yourself. What happens if you go to towns like Bomomb or Cidney and try going up to rooftops or ponds?

Having only 5 artifacts is fine. It just helps o ly in one very dpecific battle to have them and its not required.

The over/under thing happened to me every once in a while but almost always reset itself, this one hasn't after unlocking the other 2 artifacts/doing some custom quests.

I'll try the Bomomb/Cidney thing when I get home, but I recall in places like San Vegas- I was able to pass through the tree top part but just not in Hawksnest

Alrighty just wanted to double check! Thank you!

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Sorry to keep bothering you, but was doing a blind run on this play and I just defeated Urok from trying to kill the child of light. I've only received 5 artifacts, does this do anything to my game? I'm going out to go collect the last 2 still but don't know if it will affect anything since the child of light just took the 5 artifacts I've gave her.

Edit: Also, I'm having some problem- I can't go under bridge or past any spot that looks covered but isn't (Ex: Top parts of trees, bridge, etc) I can't walk through them and I can't walk into hawknests because the bridge in the beginning blocks me

Hero's Realm

Just wondering, is 1.5 the finale version? I would love to see a bonus content area like after completing the game, something similar to Dragon Quest 8 were there's an optional area, with a secret boss that's 10x harder than the actual final boss

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Yep, I see it. But I am at work so I can't get to it yet.

The World Map quest is the mission to get the world map from the Dread Pirate Roberts, who is a pirate in Koby (southern Jomungu). Once you get the world map you can pull it up at any time and it reveals your current location. You need a ship to get it.

Okay was just wondering and I see! Thank you very much for your time :)

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Oh jeez, it's been a while...

No, I didn't create a public list of all of the sidequests out there, but off the top of my head this is what I remember:
-Ice Cave island (Ch.1)
-Merchant pass (Ch.1)
-The witch/sorceress tower (Ch. 2)
-The Lighthouse (Ch. 3)
-Mountain Caves (Ch. 4)
-Shelby the Super Sheep
-The elfstones
-Lost City of Elfros
-San Vegas Battle Arena
-Megafunhouse + Monopolo
-World Map quest

I know that I am forgetting a couple, but that's most of them.

Ooh okay, I did the first 4 already, what is the world map quest though?
Also I sent you my save file through pm/email, so whenever you can fix that I be greatly appreciated!

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The only solution is sending me your savefile, unfortunately. Upload it and send me a PM with a link to it

Sent! Tyvm whenever you reply!

I also have another question, is there a list of all the side quests in Hero's Realm or anything? I recall in my first playthrough a year and a half ago- i beat the game with all 4 parties at level 44ish, but I couldn't recall any big side quests out there.

I've been on the ghost ship, I seen the lost city (Which I could never find the keycard too and didn't even know if there was a questline through it), I know about the wonder cows, but never really found anything else

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Hi, this is my 2nd time playing this game (My first being a year and a half ago) and I absolutely love this game as it is probably the only RPG MAKER Vx game I actually finished because of the style of it.

But I ran into a very strange bug. After completing chapter 3, the instant I can control Raj once chapter 4 starts, I can walk over anything including walls, npcs, air, etc in the city. I wanted to see if it would fix so I went into world map and the glitch still persist and it's really annoying to deal with. I have a save file after the end of every chapter so far (Chapter 1, 2, 3) and in the end of chapter 3 I don't have the bug.

But every single time I complete chapter 3- the bug ALWAYS happen once chapter 4 starts. Can you help me?
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