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I make games from the heart instead of wasting time with research or experience.

I am an amateur RPG designer and hobbyist with a strong interest in the retro-RPG and NES/SNES era RPG genres. I also happen to be a professional software developer.

I enjoy hockey, video games, reading, writing and playing board games such as Settlers of Catan.

I spend far too much time on RMN, but accomplish nothing of use. I used to be a somebody.

<Clyve> Oh yeah, Kenton you're a somebody again so you should probably modify your profile.
<kentona> so I am

Email me at: kentona .AT.

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Any idiot with a computer can be a site admin.
Hero's Realm
I always wanted to make that game based on everything I enjoyed as a kid. This is the end result.




the best thing about RMN events is the team names.

Getting To The Next Level: Is Patreon a good idea to consider moving forward?

I've heard that Steam Early Access is not a good fit for linear, story-based games (aka most RPGs), but does quite well with procedurally generated or arena type games - the reason being the latter types of games are always fresh, especially as creators add features and polish. The former suffer from play-fatigue - there are only so many times that players will be willing the play the first 20% of your game before they tire of it, and overall leads to a net negative perception of your game in the long run. Keep that in mind before going Steam Early Access.

Kickstarter comes with not-insignificant overhead costs, and (often) a boatload of new commitments. This can take away from your time spent on your project, and also complicates things if things (schedule, design, launch, etc) go awry. But you stand to collect some decent coin.

Have you considered ... finding a private donor? A well-off uncle or cousin or close friend? Or, alternatively, forming a conglomerate of like-minded individuals who could pool resources (and perhaps money) and share items and skills where appropriate, and feed off of each others success in building a brand?

I now know of two people who are going down the route of commercialization of their hobbyist games, and after considering their options, took loans from family to reach their goals instead. They say they are less constraining, with more agreeable terms.

Do you know how much coin you need to pay for assets?

Proxy Pattern

I haven't really gone anywhere, but I'm back.

i've been keeping twitter warm for you. you said you'd manage it way back when


Crafting in Games

I've heard crafting systems are cooler than fishing and blue magic so I decided to throw one in.


I have a large well of systems and resources to draw on for a quick game. Count me in! (until reality hits, probably by the evening of June 3rd)

Just applied for a programmer role at a games company outside of London! Quarter-life crisis in full effect

my midlife crisis has been going strong for over a decade now

[POLL] RMN Birthday Event

making retro games doesn't take any experience.

besides, I have no experience in bangers and smash or escaping rooms, either.

[POLL] RMN Birthday Event

Wait, you guys voted retro but there's not a retro tileset already?!

well, I made a basic set for MOG way back when:

for example: