The Official Kickkitten profile. (US)
Q: Is this studio indie?
A: Yup.
Q: Who runs this thing?
A: Our RMN profile is mostly run by G3ndev.
Q: What other countries are you in?
A: We are mostly in the US, but we want to have a Nintendo/Sega type deal where we have different parts of the company in different countries, (Britain, Japan, ect.)
Q: What budget are you on?
A: Close to none, but that won't stop us from trying to make decent games.
Q: Why do you use rpgmaker?
A: It has a nice community and the software itself is easy to use.
Q: Is this just a bunch of kids?
A: Yeah.
Oh by the way, these aren't real questions asked by real people, it's just some questions that will probably be asked when we publish our games, so those are the answers, if you have more questions please tell us.