A frustrated game maker. -_-
Can you unravel the mystery of the Smith Manor?



Theme Roulette

I got excuses.... I might create a sad game with this.

Xenos Review

Wow. I didn't expect someone would bother to review this game.

Thanks for the review! I'll try to update this game later once I finish doing my school projects.


All of them are posting their progress while I'm here making my first map.
I hope I finish my game before the deadline!

A Halloween Horror

Woaaaaaah!!!! I didn't expect that my game will have the 2nd place! Thanks guys for supporting my game! :)


Charles is best husbando, and Raymond is best wingman.

But Charles also wants a husbando. Ahaha :D


Yeah RMN can be super slow when traffic is heavy.

I finished the game, it was decent. Also did an LP of it, I'll add it to media once I've uploaded the vids!

I found a few bugs during the playthrough. When you first enter the manor, if you go left and check the front door in the lounge BEFORE going and meeting Charles in the room to the right, the cutscene with Charles still triggers at the door, despite him not being with you. There were also a few points where you could walk on stuff you weren't supposed to (though this is fairly minor and common, and I understand this was made quickly for a contest!) and there are some grammatical errors.

Despite all this, it was pretty good. Story was decent, and though it wasn't that scary outside of 1 or 2 moments, I enjoyed it!

Thanks for the comment. I'm a little rushed on making this game and I didn't have the time to nitpick everything.
I'll fix the bugs and will proofread the game later after I find a free time to do that. ;)
And yeah, I agree with the game not being scary enough. -_- It's my first time creating a horror game and I'm not really fond of scary stories. Ahaha :D


Why does it need 3 Hours to Download when I have 16000 Internet?

I uploaded the game file on RMN. It must be because of a network traffic or something like that.

A Halloween Horror

Just a bit of editing then I'm done. I'm excited to play your games, guys!

A Halloween Horror

Just a bit more! -_-
I really need to finish everything before the deadline.

The Intertwined Fate

Looks great.But the right window on the house on the bottom of Azalia is not in c
enter?No big thing maybe,but everything else is pefect.Subscribed.

EDIT:I was thinking wrong,sorry.

Haha :) Thank you for subscribing! I appreciate your opinion!
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