Favorite game on this site so far: Epic Elf! The Epic edition of course



[Poll] Judging whether to download a game? What do you look for?

Yeah, pretty much just the screenshots. Good screenshots are key.

Epic Elf 2

Oh just got your reply now, nvm

Epic Elf 2

I sent you a message on the youtube, I really need help lol

Super Mario Enigmatic

I totally going to download this and give it a try. Looks really good.

Epic Elf 2

I love you and your games.


Please finish this. lol. Looks awesome, like Earthbound

Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost

Looks really nice. Downloading it now.

Set Discrepancy

Really cool style, I like it..

Resident Evil Demake

Looks pretty cool I'll definitely give it a go when there's a download :)


Hmm..I see what you mean