Favorite game on this site so far: Epic Elf! The Epic edition of course



Resident Evil Demake

Still checking this game every once and a while hoping there's a download <3

8bits style fades

I love this so much. You are awesome

Valtteri Island

Whoa....pretty. Subbed

Heroes Line

Looks awesome. I plan on downloading it soon. But I'm running out of disc space ha.


Oh shit. There's something wrong about this map. Find it and I'll give you a reward.


Beautiful looking map

Epic Elf 2

Resident Evil: Covert Operations

Project is going swell, it's a lot of work though. Not looking forward to making the Raccoon Park section, ugh it's gonna be a big area, and I love to add so much detail. It'll take a while.

If anyone wants to help out leave me a message, I could really use some good map layouts, with keys and locked doors and such. It's hard on the brain trying to make it alone.

Cyriahuge4.png's gonna take a few hours to fully explore this town lmao. Looks good though.


Huh. Where is Phillip? haha