Favorite game on this site so far: Epic Elf! The Epic edition of course




Thank you Linus!

World of Bob - Christmas Hide and Seek

Crazy download link. Looks very sketchy

Resident Evil: Covert Operations

Thanks dude I look forward to finishing it!

Ancient Death

Uh there's no downloads.

Space Funeral

I let's played this game on youtube because I love it so much

Metroid Nexus

Looks pretty sweet. There just aren't enough 2D Metroid games, ya know?

Legends Of Illarion

I played up until the first town. From what I've played it's really good so far, lots of items and equipment to collect, but the town is wayyyy too big and empty. And the shop is huge. It's like an indoor football field with two merchants.

Epic Elf - Epic Edition

I'm seriously loving this game. I tip my hat to you, good sir.

Legend of Zelda: Lost Isle

Gee whiz this game is seriously hard.
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