I am a brazilian hobbyst dev that has a special place for RPG Maker in his heart. I hope I can build stories and tell them throught my games and learn more and more as well.



Stars Walkers Review

Wow...what a surprise!
Thank you.
I plan to work on the game soon and I loved your avaliation. Really a surprise.
C ya.

Tales of Aldore - Dragon's Burrow (Contos de Aldore - Toca do Drag√£o)

Nice game, I loved how you built the cutscenes. Well done.

Stars Walkers

How can i leave teh castlsl I get de messag DO NOT GO.

If its the building in Santarien, where the queen lives, all chars are frozen, you need to pickpocket the maid in the second floor and get the key to a door.

If its the building in the Sad Meadow, your goal is to go to the third floor and meet Oleg in the mirror.
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