Play as Eve and explore an odd world full of magic and Mogwai!




Thanks for your review! Glad you enjoyed it.

As for the dialogue, a lot of people (specifically those who don't have English as their first language) messaged us on tumblr that they have been confused by it, which we could definitely fix. So, we'll be re-writing/simplifying a majority of the dialogue so it's accessible to as much people as possible.

We're still in the process of balancing a lot of skills and stats and whatnot, so hopefully the combat will feel much more satisfying in the full game.

Also the crashes are a common problem that we're still trying to fix. It seems like when the game uses up too much memory it just closes out. It's a weird problem with MV that we're hoping gets fixed soon.


Sorry but i think i'm missing trial ticket b where is it?

A few people have been asking for the trial ticket locations, so I'll post all of them here for future reference:

D) Starting up the demo.
C) Completing the demo.
B) Rolling 10 times at the game shop in Corona.
A) Delivering a certain fish to an NPC in Corona.
S) Completing the arena in the sewers.


Quick Notes

Time Spent: 1h30m
Progress: I got to the start of the forest after the city (Fox-something)

- Pixel art is top-notch and sells the game practically by itself.
- The controls and UI/UX are very good. It's clear a lot of time and effort went into this.
- Music is very good but there are a few tracks that are played too often.
- The 4x random stun ability is overpowered.
- The battle system feels very bland and one-dimensional. Hard to put my finger on what, exactly, is missing. It's not just that the enemies are easy - that is easy to fix. Every new character feels like just a "+1 rando" rather than "this dude is unique and interesting." Expecting Chrono Trigger-level variety might be asking a bit much, but what you have here is pretty weak. (Might be a lack of equipment variety? i.e. equipment that gives significant stat boosts, resistances, or spells, so you have to strategize around it.)
- The dialogue has too much filler. I get what you're trying to do with it, giving each character their own flavor. That gets old quick. I would consider cutting ~25-50% of it.

That all might sound a bit harsh, but I'm assuming this will be sold at about the $9.99 price point (13 hours of gameplay) and am judging accordingly. If you can fix up the weak points, it can become a really outstanding game. Definitely looking forward to the final product!

Agree on the stun ability totally. Feels extremely abusive. On the other hand the skills with the low stun chance like never stuns for me. Dont know if thats really intended.
Battle System felt allright to me. Although its sometimes hard to keep track with the UI.
Asking for Chrono Trigger variety is probably to much ya. The characters all felt different to me. Just Rex didnt add much but the OP Stun. I think the problem here lies in the 100 Heartbeat moves. Since 3 Chars just got huge nukes. Makes them feel the same. Also you need to unlock "only" Kleins one? And you regenerate to much Heartbeat imo. You can just spam these moves.
Dialouges tend to be long ya. I enjoy them though but thats preference.
Price I would say around 10-15 too yes. 20 would be the top and very expensive I think. Specially if you look at other games in that franchise.

Thanks for the feedback! We're definitely looking into the stun thing, otherwise we're still in the process of fine-tuning things for the full release, so expect lots of tweaks and changes. As for the price, we've decided a while back that a name-your-own-price with a 5$ minimum would be ideal.

You can read more about it here.


I've played a little over an hour of the demo and so far this game is really well put together, a definite buy once it's done. The only thing is I get these weird lag spikes. What make them weird is they only happen in dialogues the game runs smooth everywhere else. Still my PC is old and known to be finicky at times so maybe it's just that but I figure I should mention it just to be safe.

Glad you enjoyed it! Also good to hear it runs on your computer, in the really early versions it ran under 10 frames on some of our older computers before it got optimized.

Also the lag spikes you're getting is probably from the portraits being loaded in mid-conversation. MV tends to lag whenever it has to load new resoureces.


how do you upload saves?

You can upload your files through something like MediaFire or Google Drive. After you do that, PM me the link.


19 to 50 downloads since I last checked! Whoohoo!

Best of luck y'all :)

Thanks! It's definitely been crazy for us trying to keep up.

Got about an hour on the demo and still haven't finished it, but I wanted to bring up some weird instances.

I'm not sure if it's something with my computer, but I had two instances of the game force closing on me: Once when I pressed the button to lower the gate in Corona Woods, and again when I left the house next to the Sanjo Residence in Solburg.

Otherwise? Everything seems to be running just fine. Battle is smooth, transitions are good. No odd sounds or issues, graphically or anything other than what I stated.

Thanks for the feedback! Sorry you had to put up with those crashes. I'm not exactly sure what could be causing it, but I'll try to look into it.

Love the game! errr Demo! Found a few bugs.. but great!
I finished the demo can't reload the save ;-; ...

My Favorite character is shep.

Glad you enjoyed it! Not sure what could be causing that save problem though. Do you think you could send me your save files so I could look at it? They should be in game/www/save.


Okay but can I block the chicken with the chicken shield

No, you gotta block the chicken with your bare fists.


No love here yet? People be crazy, yo!

This is a brilliant looking game from a team of developers whose name I don't recognize (due to the fact that I changed practically all of their names recently). Subscribed!

Thanks guys! We're hoping to have a demo out in the next couple of weeks.
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