Looking to play some Pathfinder? Want to try your hand at being a Magical Girl? :DDD

It's my birthday! I'll cry if I want to!

Does anyone actually LIKE sewer dungeons? I really feel like I should scrap this whole dungeon :_:

Twilight Princess's sewer prison thing is one of my all-time favorite environments.

Just a friendly reminder to back up your game. Like right now, do it.

If you have to manually make backups, you're asking for trouble, I cringe every time I see one of those "luckily I had a backup from two months ago!!" posts. dropbox, onedrive, gdrive, hd sync etc are all so much more foolproof.

Better yet: version control version control version control

Darkest dungeon p/fun game haha cool bye

While the grind at the end got a bit bad yeah, the big dungeon finale was worth it at least. One of these days I'll get that DLC.

Also my favorite OST in a long time

RMN, show me your animals!

Yeah, Backup Your Files

version control version control version control

What do y'all think about if we had a sticky thread where people can post that there game was accepted?

I think it's be nice to have an expanded "latest posts" to "latest content" that also included statuses, blogs, and new games. As it is, I never notice statuses or blogs unless someone posts on them.

I think the community portal aimed to do this, but it only shows the last five posts, where normally I'm interested in the last two pages.

So... I posted a dummy game page with a nonsense description, and context-less, identical screenshots; forgot to tick "Private", it went on queue, and got accepted?

I'd play it

man i thought this website let u create games that suxx

Read this as "I thought this website lets you create games that suck" and thought it was tagline meta discussion
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