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[MAFIA] Simple mafia for normal people

The calls were correct in the end maybe, but it was the "if it helps town I'll tell how I know" part that rubbed everyone the wrong way I think.

Apparently roleblocker usually resolves before jailkeeper for matrix6 anyway? I assumed the best at the start of day 3 when I really shouldn't have.

[MAFIA] Simple mafia for normal people

Yeah sorry Cap, you really shouldn't have claimed anything. Not that Isrieri should've been acting that weird but w/e.

Also yeah haha Ebeth you had it figured out so of course I pushed for your lynch two days straight, welp. I would've stuck to my guns on day 2 but LockeZ's explanation for the cap vote made sense to me, would've been something I'd have tried because Cap was as good as dead.

And Jero I think you were fine, it was just that a Gourd/IF scumteam made no sense to me, but I had the wrong reason for that. Sorry Gourd.

[MAFIA] Simple mafia for normal people

Yeahh nice job LockeZ, like literally the only clue there was the "no scumleans on day 2" stuff. We were probably doomed from day 1 what with outing a PR and no votes even coming close to scum.

Curious though -- why not roleblock cap vs kill him? And you guys didn't actually try to kill Gourd right?

[MAFIA] Simple mafia for normal people

I know you addressed most of that stuff haha, I just find it more feasible that you're scum. As for the "ninja'd" post I assume you posted that after you read my stuff and realized you might need cover. And by withheld your opinion, I meant your opinion on Gourd=scum not if my claim was legit, although I see you updated the chart in red. With a bit of luck Gourd is the roleblocker and we can figure this out tomorrow.

Agreed that LockeZ is town though -- if he's not, then well played, fine. I'll reread some demon stuff as if you're really town, Jero, then he would be the only reason to confirm IF over you, right?

@LockeZ: Gourd never voted against Jeroen or put suspicion on him, just the other way around. I think it /was/ dangerous which is why Jero cancelled after two votes jumped on. I didn't read the climate at the time as town fighting against the train at all -- it felt like Isri/Gourd was going to be the choice at that point. But anyway, rereading, this is the weird stuff from Gourd: -- the reasoning is that Jero is scum, and IF is his most likely partner, so, end the day by... voting IF? I assume he knows he's dead so it's hard to read the vote but from what I've seen dying scum rarely rule explicitly on their partner.

[MAFIA] Simple mafia for normal people

@LockeZ: Haha, oh yeah, I remember that game. If you remember there too, my strategy was to grill Kloe for 5 or 10 posts after it was clear she was dead and then pin last scum on lurker Tung. I think the same stuff is up this game.

[MAFIA] Simple mafia for normal people

Yeah it kind of seems unlikely we'll get anything out of IF today and if Gourd isn't scum then this whole day's been a waste of time because it's game over tonight. By the way, I think the only scumteam that'd pass on a nightkill would have Jero on it and I'd be waay more willing to listen to Gourd if that was his conclusion and not IF/Jero with an emphasis on IF. If scumteam is like Jero/demon or LockeZ/IF or something then good game, I'm an idiot.

#lynch Gourd_Clae

Assuming we have another day tomorrow, I think it's unlikely that the last scum is IF. I think without my saying something now, he'd be daykilled tomorrow, and so Gourd/IF would be trying hard today to get him in the clear. Gourd voting against IF and IF waffling around is not how to accomplish that, and encouraging the day to end now is /definitely/ not how to accomplish that. Oh and if IF is scum then I think he's pulling intentional lurker-scum strategy and so if he wins with it, we can all yell at him for being lame.

I'd think last scum would be Jero. He expresses no opinion about my claim right after I post it, but then once it's clear Gourd is going down, he starts fighting with Gourd for a whole page about setup. Like, there's not really much point to engage with known scum except to force out their opinions. And Gourd put Jero right in the goldilocks "probably scum but only if you press me about it" category, which I think is more likely than claiming he's innocent or voting against him outright. That plus Jero's cancellation d1 convinces me.

So for tonight, if if turns out Gourd is roleblocker: I'll chuck Jero in jail again. Then if someone dies he's in the clear. If not, then we kill him and repeat the process if needed. If Gourd isn't roleblocker then I'm pretty much vanilla at this point and likely dead.

[MAFIA] Simple mafia for normal people

Not really. He basically floated six different scumteams, committed to none of them, and then completely missed the whole "Gourd jailed -> no nightkill" thing.

[MAFIA] Simple mafia for normal people

No, gourd needs to die today for sure, but I'd like to get things settled today before I'm inevitably dead tomorrow. If Gourd is roleblocker, I'll be jailing whoever I think is second scum so that they can be executed/vindicated tomorrow. I can't really come to a conclusion with IF, well, posting.

[MAFIA] Simple mafia for normal people

@IF: Who do you think is scumteam? You listed a couple names but what's most likely? And why do you think there was no nightkill?

@Jero: Why do you think a IF/demon scumteam would not submit a kill?

[MAFIA] Simple mafia for normal people

@Gourd: What's you scumteam? I think everyone needs to stop thinking about scum in isolation now that everything's in the open and there's no new info coming tomorrow.