[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Night 1

I think piano is town, for the record. If only just for that "trying to get people to claim" thing he threw at me at the beginning, because he put it out there but didn't actually try to kill me over it

Other junk:
- KF's voting pattern is odd to me in a way I can't really put my finger on, a KF/cave team would seem likely but too weird
- If I haven't mentioned Odd's title change before, it really makes me want to kill him, a lot

I don't have any better plan than cave though. His behavior seems fine enough but I haven't agreed with basically any of his case stuff all game except like, one gourd post.

#lynch cave_dog_is_back

How many votes would we have for oddrabbit?

my envelope submission for scumteam: odd/cave/kf playing a super straight game

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Night 1

If Ozzy is in the middle of D&D then piano probably is as well.

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Night 1

We're not killing Gourd.

This is really, really annoying from a night actions perspective. About an hour left. Still processing some stuff.

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Night 1

and maybe I'm not feeling the AE case because I've totally forgot motivations to throwaway comments/asks as town before, I see it as a mistake but not inherently scummy

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Night 1

I really don't think AE is scum.

Is there anything to the cave case beyond "AE case is weird" and "misconstruing gourd?" I don't think he's intentionally spreading confusion or w/e except possibly with the "I refuse to comment on this post," any sort of claim was entirely in piano's imagination and I certainly didn't read the "I know demon's flip" thing that way. In short I don't buy much of the stuff he's put forward but I'm having difficulty figuring out what motivation he'd have for pursuing a bogus AE case as scum in the case aside from maybe Odd+Cave scumteam and trying to get AE train rolling to cover Odd's earlygame weirdness, which would be better figured out by just killing Odd.

Wary of Gourd. Don't like him getting angry at piano for ""outing"" a PR when that never actually happened. And I don't think the cave case is all that great.

I'll be back before end of day. I still kind of think I'd like to see Odd gone the most -- hasn't been back since offering his scumteam, and I still think it's off that he felt compelled to "change his style" (and then wasn't really able to).

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Night 1

the chart allows for a possibility where is alive 9 town are alive. Oh I figured it out....JUST NOW. we would have to kill scum twice in a row while they killed nobody night 1. I forgot this could happen due to the lack of a traditional night kill. but you know who didn't forget: demonlord, and thats because he knows there's no traditional night kill, because it was in his role PM. and if he wants to rebuke this argument, I'm afraid the rebuttal will have to be at least 3000 words.
This post, I hate this post, it's so incredibly idiotic. Specially because of this part

I forgot this could happen due to the lack of a traditional night kill. but you know who didn't forget: demonlord, and thats because he knows there's no traditional night kill, because it was in his role PM.

Excuse me, but what? I don't know if you're joking in this post, but we can all read at the very start of the thread that there is no traditional nightkill. I really don't know what you're trying to imply here by saying Demonlord knows there's not traditional nightkill due to his PM, it's public knowledge that there is not traditional nightkill.

This post is the one that made me feel bad about the entire CAVE/Demon debacle earlier, this post is bad. And I am now deeply convinced that either one of CAVE or Demon is scum, or that both are scum and that them going at each other that early in the game was just for show. Because neither had a very good argument ont he other and knew that the hunt woudl quickly gravitate to other reads.

The throwaway case seems entirely in character, I don't think that merits a vote.

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Night 1

I'm not really seeing the AE case. "Going after Odd as the easiest mark" really only works if scum had a strong motive to get a train rolling immediately, and I think scum usually tries for bigger targets d1 (never seen AE as scum before though I guess). re: needling him, she asked me a similar question that was pointless except as a "I think your understanding of the mechanics is faulty" check and I don't think doing it to Odd either means anything, given that she never actually voted him. The timing wasn't great (it came after my vote iirc) that made it look like it might be leading onto a vote for him but that's about it. I considered whether scum would try a suicide-vote so as to get more unmask attempts but that seems very dumb.

I'll reread her stuff I didn't see anything as shifting explanation in way that struck me as scummy. My biggest mark against her is the timing of the requoted question.

I don't buy cave/AE being a performance either. It's slightly odd to me that cave is so invested in this case that I don't really see, but that's about it.

Liberty is fine. Shinan is Shinan, although his no-kill stuff was alright. Gourd I still think is OK, that quote that cave posted would be my only reason to vote against him and just because it offers no information or action, basically white noise post.

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Night 1

If you want the reasoning behind the townreads:
piano - piano has consistently jumped on me for "trying to get people to claim" (despite my never having done this as either alignment, ever), the interaction with liberty appears legit
gourd - was slightly suspicious he was townreading me but he also backed up demonlord and hasn't been aggressive at all, I don't think scum-gourd puts down this much commitment without furthering scum agenda
demon - he took the discussion about the graph in the OP way too seriously, which looked decent (not as great when I review it but w/e)
AE - was paying attention to my mechanics grousing to call a detail, generally making sense
Liberty - the interaction with piano, characteristically aggressive after drawing aggro from people vs cool mastermind scum-liberty

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Night 1

#lynch Oddrabbit

Playing too myopic, all he offered was a townread of demon. And I think a compulsion to change playstyles is usually from "people who were scum last game" and "people who are scum," not that I actually think he changed playstyles.

I feel decently about piano, gourd (for once), demon, and to a lesser extent AE and Liberty.

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Night 1

Just don't post to nightchat. There's nothing to do there but submit a night action / election.