Programmer/writer. I make phone games by day and clunky narrative-driven junk by night
The LCPANES Terminal
Four isolated prisoners must escape using a network of linked computers in this text-based adventure.



[Poll] Do you prefer IRC, Slack or Discord?

Excellent! Looks good

[Poll] Do you prefer IRC, Slack or Discord?

I pretty much agree with WIP re:splintering so I won't retread that, but I think a solution going forward:
- Close slack with a message to suck it up and install/browse-to discord instead
- Stop linking slack and irc in our Community links and in the footer
- Link discord instead, so we don't have to link that topic that's all "COME VOICE CHAT WITH US" when no one voice chats (as it should be)
- Hook up IRC as a channel in discord so there's some visibility form the rest of the universe to the greybeards still lurking there
- And next time someone makes a topic about the RMN Line group, lock the thread and link to this one

Invitation to Mafia Championship

Send piano.

Also someone should set up another game some time, preferably with rules that look more like this than the last couple games haha

[Poll] Is Final Fantasy 13 trilogy that bad?

Project 4

Could be wrong, but, you should be able to find some buildings that have lightposts inside. Try interacting with them in the right order?

mysteries of rpgmaker?

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Let's Write a Story! (RMN SPACE ODDESSEY)


"What? Are you going to pilot us back to the wormhole just for Snowball?" asked Mary.

"Why the hell not?" Jack slammed the shuttle's reverse. "Next time, we're skipping straight from Helios 12 to Helios 17."

"Asshole. Dying normally is unpleasant enough and you're gonna go back through the


This is outstanding.

[Poll] Do you prefer IRC, Slack or Discord?

why is post archiving considered a good thing?
it's probably for the best that everything gets nuked after a while

Slack's global message limit counts against PMs too, so it's impossible to view the messages I sent people last week, for instance.

Also my irc logs from like 2009 busted LockeZ in a game of mafia once, that was fun.

I miss the 'hi' chains of IRC

hi kentona

What are you thinking about right now?

Please, please consider cleaning your keyboard