[MAFIA] Treacherous - signups

Is there an estimated start date for this? I'll be partially unavailable again for July 4th.

also I totally missed that the roles were in the OP, I'm looking forward to winning a duel against someone

RMN's Favourite Video Game Tracks of All Time

oh, we're actually keeping score... guess I'm obligated now

1. Radiant Dawn - Opening - Yoshito Hirano
2. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Field theme - Toru Minegishi
3. AIR - Summer Lights - Jun Maeda
4. Umineko - worldenddominator - zts
5. Touhou Eiyashou - Kagome-Kagome - ZUN
6. Final Fantasy 5 - Clash on the Big Bridge - Nobuo Uematsu
7. Red Alert 2 - Hell March 2 - Frank Klepacki (I guess score it same as kentona's hellmarch but I never played RA1)
8. Etrian Odyssey 2 - Battlefield: The First Campaign - Yuzo Koshiro
9. Chrono Cross - Frozen Flame - Yasunori Mitsuda
10. Pokemon RBY - Vs. Trainer - Junichi Masuda

Honorable mentions: Touhou Eiyashou: Invisible Full Moon, SaGa2: Critical Hit, CLANNAD: Roaring Tide, Giniro: Thus Spoke the Ancients, Sonic2: Aquatic Ruin zone

RMN's Favourite Video Game Tracks of All Time

Yeah I can't actually pick a top 10 individual tracks. There's so much out there and my definition of "favorite" varies between stuff I like because it's send-this-to-the-library-of-congress it's-really-good music or stuff that's objectively dumb but still fun. Top ten games... maybe, roughly ordered:

1. Umineko no Naku Koro ni
a million different tracks by a million different people all notable in their own right that got me into a lot of different genres. just really solid horror sound and music you wouldn't expect to show up as a game OST and it packed a /punch/
2. Imperishable Night (touhou8)
there's basically /still/ a cottage industry in Japan of remixing ZUN's games' OSTs, including this one, 15 years later. just really fun, synthy stuff
a lot of memorable melodic stuff, and even if most soundtracks from Key games are better through arrange albums, still really classic stuff from Shinji Orito + Jun Maeda
4. Yume Nikki
it's a bunch of droning sounds and simple almost non-music... it's what makes the game what it is (could never play it more than 30 minutes though), also opened the indie horror genre for a more electronic sound
5. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
extremely evocative orchestral soundtrack that's held up way better than the game itself
6. Kanon
trashfire of a game, never finished, still a classic soundtrack
7. Sonic 3 & Knuckles
features MJ. oh and the best chippy music has been and always will be chippy Sonic music. fight me.
8. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
there aren't so many standout tracks so much as this was secretly a game about music, and paying attention to sound through the whole thing made the game that much better
9. Smash Bros. Brawl
this is probably cheating, but having a bunch of Nintendo's in-house best remix their classics and then releasing the whole thing piecemeal in the buildup to the game's release was really memorable
10. Final Fantasy 6
also in the "never played more than 30 minutes" pile but I still think this is the best FF has ever sounded

Honorable mentions: Donkey Kong Country, AIR, Gitarooman, Etrian Odyssey 2, Mega Man 9

[MAFIA] Treacherous - signups

Hello I am in

Theme Roulette 2

I completely screwed up my entry -- breaking bugs within the first like 5 seconds. Now that I'm finally back home I can finally add a bugfixed version:

What's uploaded to the event page is unplayable but ^ that should at least work. Not really planning on a game page so this'll have to be it.

[MAFIA] The Resistance: Avalon Mafia - GAME ON

Hey all, I'm still on the road. My limited availability was not a scum play, Gourd and I missed each other like 5 times on that last day trying to hammer me haha

While I really really wanted to make my off brand Merlin claim d3 piano talked me off a cliff or this game would have had even more glorious chaos. When I saw piano killing himself my first response was "noooo you absolute idiot, this tells them all that mordred must exist!!" and then on to "you genius you actually hit Merlin."
It's lucky I wasn't around or I 100% would've picked different targets.

PA you played well in that I never suspected you. If you knew jero personally I figured no way you make that d1 post and risk tanking the game to humorless scum. And all the while I was screaming about Merlin being a coward when you were right there.

Ozzy I definitely told you that I was going to attempt to get you killed as quickly as possible and I was terrified when you were still alive in the morning haha

IF and Odd you both played pretty well, your early deaths were because scum targeted you not due to misplay, per se. IF especially, you were good town d1 and we felt kind of guilty taking out a frequent contributor

Ky and LockeZ pull weight for town. Hope you'll join again Ky I was being sincere in all of what I said in thread about you. Even figured out my Gandalf claim was so ridiculously dumb it must be a ploy. And LockeZ continues to think really similarly to me which is great when we're town but even nicer as scum haha. Although I was hoping to stop people from looking too closely at quest votes because they were so telling but knowing that you were watching forced me to stop proposing or voting for bs teams.

Some general thoughts: I really don't think scumchat should be via discord. Scum pinging each other is OP. It really probably shouldn't even be open during day phases anyway. And the nightless aspect really messed with me. I'm also one of those people whose brain cannot turn the game off and having it going non-stop cost me a lot of sleep. Think piano and I both spent 3am to 6am plotting out our d4 plan. (Props to gourd and piano for acting skills that day while I was out lost in the woods). In general I liked this setup a lot, nobody on any side actually had perfect information despite many informed roles. Assassin would be such a BS role with no mordred that it would be hard to play it semiopen again though.

[MAFIA] The Resistance: Avalon Mafia - GAME ON

#lynch psy_w

[MAFIA] The Resistance: Avalon Mafia - GAME ON

How can last night's mission be sabotaged if I'm the last scum? That theory would only work if LockeZ is Modred.


#lynch LockeZ

[MAFIA] The Resistance: Avalon Mafia - GAME ON

Hi sorry I'm late. Was afraid of this happening but there's still a chance to eke out a win:

In an ideal world I'd be posting this at start of day but: I'm the real Merlin.

Remaining scum is PA if that wasn't obvious.

Thr Merlin fakeclaim is a last day gambit because PA already knows who I am. He doesn't need to actually kill me today to win as he can just do it at night. If there is a Mordred then dking PA today is also a loss. Though it would seem he's actually trying to get me kiled during the day. Most of his statements about mordred are accurate but my mordred lead died in the night.

Between reads and yelling about Merlin hiding I have played this game since day 1 as loud and wrong and obnoxious as I possibly could be because I needed to toe the line between getting myself nked if I did anything useful. I legit did think PA was the assassin though vs whatever else he has. With piano I was trying to buddy him to avoid getting killed. My plan for last night was to start voting caph instead but the day ended abruptly for me to do a anything.

LockeZ we had the same idea re the the teams, sort of. My thought was using votes accepts vs the team proposals though. I was hoping to have one day left to use that info though.

I'm afraid most of this day is going to end up with me having to argue my identity. I was banking on Percival still living to back me up and that cap died both made this particular play from PA possible and thoroughly screwed me over. If I end up losing this thing to this claim nonsense and getting killed by /town/ then I'll have to swear some sort of blood vengeance on PA, christ. Also I'm still in a no service vortex so I can't be as effective as id like, and I'll be back k in about an hour to answer questions.

And for the love of everything holy please don't drop any more votes on me

[MAFIA] The Resistance: Avalon Mafia - GAME ON

Before I go consider me a soft piano vote. Gourds argument is part of that but I just really don't like his attack on me today, it's baseless and I think he was fishing for a train or Ozzy's vote.

I have some thoughts re cap but pressed for time, will have to come later hopefully will be time for discussion