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[MAFIA] Ys Mafia (Day 3)
The rest of town woke up alerted. Two days and they didn't manage to hang a single follower of Galbalan. They sat down at Margo's for what could be their last day.

There's not only one scum or this wouldn't be LYLO.

[MAFIA] Ys Mafia (Day 3)

If IF hammers the game is /over/. This is LYLO. That's why I'm getting desperate.

[MAFIA] Ys Mafia (Day 3)

LockeZ was miller, implying there was a seer. I was so convinced cave was a role cop that when he flipped xxxcop I somehow managed to think he was role cop so we still had to have an actual cop.

[MAFIA] Ys Mafia (Day 3)

LockeZ was miller so I figured there had to be a seer. I misread Cave's flip as a role cop vs alignment cop and only now checked. Sorry.

Re:canceling - The game's a 3v2, so to win, town has to have 3 votes in alignment. Ebeth is pretty much confirmed town, so if I were scum, you'd have to convince Ebeth as well that I'm scum vs Ozzy or IF. But as you're voting now, either Ebeth or IF could hammer. Until you confirm Ebeth's vote, by voting now, you're only opening up the opportunity for IF to hammer if you're wrong, which is why I'm pulling out all the cards because we only have until he shows up. If you're scum then welp.

In that first post, I mean what would even be the point of my trying to hide that I had a character? To start a vote on LockeZ? It'd be a stupid and immediately discoverable lie.

Last point: if your only available scumteams are (me+IF) or (IF+ozzy), why are you voting /me/ ?

[MAFIA] Ys Mafia (Day 3)

Was hoping not to play this because it'll get you killed tomorrow YM, but I know you're the seer, not vanilla. Scum would only have a 50/50 shot of getting that right between the two remaining town, but as an actual vanilla I know the remaining non-Ebeth town is seer.

[MAFIA] Ys Mafia (Day 3)

At least cancel until Ebeth is back, she's your third vote in your setup. You're setting up for IF's hammer.

[MAFIA] Ys Mafia (Day 3)

If I could claim my character, you'd immediately understand my D1 confusion. I didn't make up something about characters for a day 1 vote against LockeZ, and if I did, the only point of concealing my character would be to conceal a role.

Who's your second scum team member? Ozzy+me can't be the scumteam or we would've been able to extended hammer IF. I think you've got until he wakes up.

#lynch OzzyTheOne @IF I guess there's still a chance YM is scum and you're town in which case I guess this could still be salvaged.

[MAFIA] Ys Mafia (Day 3)

@Ebeth: I think the initial IF vote against YM was intended as bait. He calls attention to it here: If either you or I voted against YM, Ozzy was in position to immediately hammer.

@YM: Vanilla town. I initially skimmed my role PM and I'm not familiar with YS so I thought I was a generic NPC.

[MAFIA] Ys Mafia (Day 3)

Ozzy, you don't need to make stuff up, the only reason should need to vote against me is here: YM/Ebeth/IF should know only one of us can be town, bar LYLO bussing.

I guess for the record though, my votes:
- LockeZ, I thought only power roles had characters and he went after Kloe. I /started/ the voting on him, why would I try to stop it?
- Hex, after 1) he requested to be hammered and 2) Cave claimed to be some sort of cop

Your votes:
- Awful vote #4 on Cave, that you cancelled after Cave and I called you out
- Jumping on and off the Hex wagon

@YM: What's your confidence that IF is scum? If it's something other than "very high" let me know why.

[MAFIA] Ys Mafia (Day 3)

By voting for scum-YM, scum-IF would deeefinitely be risking YM getting killed. Would have only taken me or Ebeth agreeing with you that YM was scum then actually putting it to a vote. And it doesn't look like he's babysitting it.

Although I think we can agree that that vote against YM was extremely negligent for IF to make, if IF was town. That's why I think he's scum1.

Basically it comes down to which is more likely:

1. IF is silly enough to put down a vote on YM immediately: Ozzy+YM scumteam
2. IF cast a bait-vote, and then if either Ebeth or were to bite, Ozzy hammers to win: Ozzy+IF scumteam
3. IF is bussing YM at LYLO: IF+YM scumteam

1 and 2 waay more likely than 3.