Recommend a VN to read

You can basically only play E17 by torrenting the pc version ISO (and maybe some fan patches). Both the developer and the English distributor have been out of business forever, the IP has no clear owner, and the game was never released digitally. The physical CDs are collectors' items and you'll only find them at very high prices because the game's such a classic.

Anyway, I really like VNs, and my ratings are at . My recommendations are basically:
Action?: Steins;Gate, or Fate/Stay Night if scifi's no good
Romance?: The House in Fata Morgana
Mystery/Horror?: Higurashi, or Rei-Jin-G-Lu-P if slice-of-life's no good
and don't let anyone tell you that you should read Saya no Uta

I/O's my personal favorite but I guess that's a weird opinion.

Brutal 7 Mafia (Sign-ups open)

Put me in coach

[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?

I have no idea, actually. If I were playing sorceror, I would've fakeclaimed as seer on day 2 and said that I found to be guilty, that would be a hell of a lot more conducive to telling scum who's who. Jumping out and saying "I'm sorc and that dude's seer" is not actually, all that productive and requires you to find the seer beforehand so ???

Then again maybe I'm misunderstanding, the info I have from Muffle just says it's a night action like the seer's night action so who knows, I could be wrong about what it does.

[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?

It says it's their job, but not that they have any sort of active ability. But I could see a world where your active ability was no longer relevant and therefore you considered the role useless.

Your odds are also wonky, even if you aren't intentionally discounting the possibility of an unknown sorceror.

(hm, also, having masons out in the open would also increase the chances of sorceror detecting seer, something I hadn't thought of)

Anyway, AE pitch, same as always:

Demon I don't have as much to go against any more seeing as how the hammer argument doesn't hold under majority voting and I guess being odd-paranoid is justified. His reasoning also looks a bit better.

Odd I wouldn't want to kill while there are any confirmed town alive, the reason being that I could be wrong that he's sorc, and even if he really is sorc, killing him doesn't even buy a day (because wolves will kill a confirmed town, and we still need to find the actual wolves). At least if no confirmed town are left, wolves will eliminate a suspect. I could kill him if it's the only consensus today but I really want AE dead.

Can't do anything productive without at least 2 of Jeroen, Dudesoft, LockeZ showing up. I'd appreciate it if someone not currently voting me could at least commit to being around for the deadline.

[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?

AE, for sure. This post put me at -1 to hammer without making reference to any votes or cases that came before it.

That said I'm a bunch more confident that Oddrabbit is the sorceror:
Essentially all I'm trying to do iw say "I don't care who lives or dies, I just want the highest winning odds for town as soon as possible. Thus, I'm essentially treating roles like bodyguard and sorceror as pointless now, since the seer is dead. If there's a sorceror, then they're just a nuisance who wants to sacrifice themselves for the mafia to win, you could call them a badger. If there's a bodyguard, who are they gonna protect? Seer's dead, they'll probably be wrong on who to protect each night, anyways.

So, yeah. Screw power roles, everyone's either a normal town or mafia. If we get lucky and save someone at night, good on that.

I just checked with Muffle and the sorceror actually has a night power where I guess they submit a name and hear back if it's the sorceror. Did anyone else know this? Because it sure looks like Odd did and I don't think this is something he passively noticed.

[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?

And also we need to get moving --

We /need/ to kill someone today, or else we'll be exactly here tomorrow with no new information and probably a dead mason. If a sorceror does actually exist, basically /every/ town voter needs to be participating to get a kill. I still think AlaskanEmily (and then Demonlord) are top werewolf candidates.

[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?

@Atiya: I don't think LockeZ is likely scum, I'm just saying I don't have him as a townread.

Ah whatever. This is such a pointless topic. Our bodyguard didn't guard the Seer on Day 1, so nothing really matters anymore.

Seer's a luxury, we can still play the game well and win. We should play the same regardless of if we have a bodyguard or not, as well.

@OddRabbit: Who do you think is scum?

I don't believe Jeroen and Dudesoft staked the game on the real masons not presenting themselves immediately. If they did, they've already won, nice play, let's just move on with the game assuming that didn't happen.

After reconsidering I think Oddrabbit is likely sorceror (and almost certainly sorceror if we have a bodyguard). If he thinks sorceror is a "nuisance role" then playing fast with a lycan claim, trying to get bodyguard out in the open, never putting forth any suspects ever, talking only mechanics etc, all fit the bill. Regardless, I don't feel like killing him is a high priority (because it's possible I'm wrong, and because the game will end when the werewolves die regardless of sorceror).

[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?

Well hey look who reincarnated as votebot

@demon: LockeZ had occurred to me, but I discounted him originally because I couldn't see him playing lurkerscum after he only posted twice on d1. He's on my sorceror list, if a sorceror exists. Why Trihan though? Really just because AE never voted for him?

I'd say a miller generally knows they're a miller. But, it's a good point that Odd would have to confirm that via asking the mod first, and I don't think that's likely. should read 2xWolf 0xSorc, by the way.

[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?

I'm reevaluating Odd's claim. He initially just told the seer not to go for him, which I interpreted as a lycan claim, so it's possible that's not necessarily what he'd originally planned. The call for masons to reveal was in good faith, I'm convinced, but calling for the bodyguard to come forward is a realllly bad play.

2xLycan/1xSorc still seems more likely right now, I guess.

[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?

Okay, time is good.

As a heads up on the vote count, I'm not, in fact, voting for myself. So I should be a 3 vs at hammerpoint I believe.