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Advance Wars Mafia (Game Over - Mafia Wins) [MAFIA]

The game basically ended on D2 when town failed to remove either ozzy or tale. An endgame with either alive wasn't winnable.

people who claim to have a good read on d1 are usually full of it.

Advance Wars Mafia (Game Over - Mafia Wins) [MAFIA]

I still don't think shinan warrants suspicion. His idea of who is scummy is always incomprehensible to me (wanted to go after Fomar today? huh??)

Advance Wars Mafia (Game Over - Mafia Wins) [MAFIA]

Sure, I don't have any fantastic ideas either. Part of me wants to prioritize Ozzy over Tale but I really don't think scum-Ozzy leaves Eggbert out to dry on d1.

#vote Tale

Advance Wars Mafia (Game Over - Mafia Wins) [MAFIA]

I don't think it's Shinan. Eggbert voting for him at that point would be nonsensical.

That's All, Folks! =)

Ah that's too bad. I enjoyed the game though!

Advance Wars Mafia (Game Over - Mafia Wins) [MAFIA]

You're right, I could've voted, but as I said, I had totally forgotten about the game after my initial joke vote on myself. And that is why you believe Fomar got killed? Becaue he was the towniest town around?

Yeah it seems pretty clear to me. Unless they had some N0 investigation power and found he was a PR, which seems kind of out there.

Advance Wars Mafia (Game Over - Mafia Wins) [MAFIA]

Also I take back what I said about Shinan possibly being the other scumbuddy -- no way Eggbert votes to put their buddy at 3 on D1. That would leave me with just tale and ozzy as suspects.

tale's posting sequence yesterday looks like 1. put vote on Shinan 2. remove vote from Shinan after Gourd sounds the alarm 3. clarify they were joking about Shinan. That reads neutral to town (if they wanted to avoid being on a train with a vote they didn't consider).

Tale: I suspect tale simply because his reasoning to vote on Shinan's obvious joke vote against me seemed to be with genuine intent and not a joke? Looks scummy to me.

iirc reasoning about jokeposts is a very tale thing, and not really indicative of anything one way or another.

What is a janitor and what is a tracker? Do I have to google werewolf roles?
I barely know the ones that are in Ultimate Werewolf :D

Janitor hides the identity of someone who dies at night, and a tracker learns if someone performs a night action. Not very relevant now that they're both dead though

Advance Wars Mafia (Game Over - Mafia Wins) [MAFIA]

Psy: I suspect psy because his reasoning for not thinking eggbert was scummy is flimsy, I think DemonLord and AlaskanEmily had good reasons to suspect eggbert, and psy calling them bad reasonings sounds like trying to discredit good arguments.

I stand by my reasoning -- people who claim to have a good read on d1 are usually full of it. (although I did miss that vote put Shinan at 3 and not 2.) If those arguments were so compelling though, you could've voted yourself y'know

Fomar is dead because he was the towniest-looking person alive. He appeared out of nowhere at the end of the day, swapped his vote, and helped secure the kill. If no one had responded to me, we wouldn't have been able to do anything.

Advance Wars Mafia (Game Over - Mafia Wins) [MAFIA]

IMO, anyone who was on the Eggbert train early is not suspicious (demonlord5000, Gourd_Clae, AlaskanEmily). And Fomar, obviously. I was kind of hoping I got nightkilled because out of all the people on that vote, I probably look the worst.

I would've thought the scum play yesterday would've been to try to put Shinan under the axe instead of Eggbert. Both me and Fomar preferred Shinan to Eggbert and (at least speaking for myself) would've switched votes. But as Eggbert was already on that train, maybe their scumbuddy didn't want to push it as well? Or maybe the scumbuddy is actually Shinan.

Advance Wars Mafia (Game Over - Mafia Wins) [MAFIA]

I honestly can't remember ever hitting scum on D1 before.