Commonplace Book

I picked up the basics a few new tools (fmod, blender, depth post-processing), so, a success there, but I also spent way too much time on grass physics and there isn't much to do but wander around and get stuck in a swamp. Not really sure I'll continue as I'm currently dumping all my time into another jam, and this thing still needs a lot of work before it actually looks Good instead of like just another shitty unity3d game.

Mafia Championship 2021 - invitation

I don't have an opinion except that I don't have the time/interest to participate myself -- cap would be fine

Old/Lost RpgMaker Games - SegNin's Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

They would appear to be identical. I gave the maps in question a once-over in RM and couldn't spot anything.

Might be something odd going on with the file modified times -- map 56, along with almost all the others, appears to have a modified time exactly 12 hours off from one version to the other. So, probably just some file system weirdness happening after nearly two decades in storage.

2021 Misaos - Thoughts, Ideas, Plans

In that vein I'd rather hire someone outside who has their professional values to commit to and don't have to deal with the community (and thus can't get butthurt, leave the job half done, cause issues, do power plays, etc) because it seems the safest option. They'd get paid for the headache. The cost, though... not sure we could afford something like that.
This is 100% valid, relying on volunteers sucks. But it still might be asking around -- people are a lot more professional once paid, and people in the community are probably willing to work for lower than market rate.

2021 Misaos - Thoughts, Ideas, Plans

I've said this for a couple years now and I know it's not all that popular, but I think both of the main problems of 1) big, notable games getting nominated in every category and 2) categories not having enough entrants... would be solved by cutting down on the number of categories in general.

There just aren't many non-event games on the site that more than handful of active users can say they've played in a given year. If there are really under a dozen notable games coming out each year, it doesn't make sense to have more categories than that.

(other stuff: RMN's rating/review system definitely makes it cumbersome to nominate stuff, especially after the fact. I'd love to see, for example, a list of games that I've played this year. Or a way to fill out a nomination ballot by category, vs needing to go to each individual page to nominate)

(and on the "hire someone to fix stuff" front, is there no active web dev currently on staff? I definitely think there would be people in the community willing to volunteer for this sort of stuff, without having to dip into the server fund)

Secret Santa Sign-ups 2020

Ha, hey Acra, I've only been able to check back now since the santee list went up but thanks for the fanart -- should definitely submit that to the gamepage so Liberty can see them too haha. I was Liberty's santa this year and now I regret not adding in a few Pri maps to my gift.

Bug reports are also much appreciated. Time to go update some downloads... Thanks again!

Secret Santa Sign-ups 2020

Alright, I can't not sign up.

LTs/LPs appreciated. Favorite genres are horror, vn, mystery. Favorite RTP character is that robed blue-haired emo guy. Sound or writing or silly stuff or basically anything is fine -- thought that counts

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

Oh good. I'm surprised and relieved to be alive at the end.

I wouldn't have voted demonlord without the weird claim, good job of going under the radar. Was bottom of my suspicious list at the start of the day but yeah there were just too many mechanical problems with claiming to only win with the sheriff.

And damn, cave actually did have that wincon. Plus sniped Odd somehow.

Sorry about the mislynch Liberty, those cases just smelled really bad

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

No problem. I'll self-deputize myself in your absence.

Buuut, when I think about it cave did mention he suspected everybody having atiya's wincon so maybe he like hedged his bets that everyone had it and when it became clear they didn't it wasn't a big deal as a claim. It seems like the kind of lie scum cave would think to do.

The reason cave claiming to have this wincon made me think he was townier was because I assumed if he was lying about it, the reason to do it would be to try and trap scum into a telling vote at LYLO. Liike essentially what he just tried to pull.

@demonlord: Do you win the game if the sheriff dies, but town kills all the scum anyway?

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

Psy's point is exactly why I think scum would not target gourd. Gourd does not count as town in player count conditions, What you just proposed (town, scum, gourd), doesn't scum win in that condition precisely because of the gourd not counting thing?

I actually had completely forgotten about this. That does make it less likely. I'm not sure why my good/not-good choice of target for the doc power would make me more/less likely to be scum though.

@cave: re: role, I'm a frontier doctor (literacy required, medical knowledge optional). Its sheer watered-downedness is part of what made a duelist look crazy on day 1, when it was next to two very shaky powers that I thought both belonged to town.

For what it's worth I was kidding about Gourd analysis stuff with demon (thus the ~~~~), I don't actually think that makes him more likely to be scum, the reasons after the vote do.

If I were scum I'd totally accept the proposal because it indeed does look hilarious but unfortunately I'm not and can't.