S.U.P Guys!? I am Raiken Jenova, and welcome to my profile!

Well to make it short, I am a game freak, also some game-maker using RM2K3 engine which always losing ideas for making x_x" and stuff. But now im currently developing a game using Ace, which is now my ONLY motivation to keep going on live.

Well, I have some experience becoming Game Tester, which I will looking for bugs, glitches, storyline, etc, etc, etc... also I can leave some credits and rating for each game I played after I experiencing it. Also I will submit the game I tested at my Youtube channel as Let's Play series. So yea. If you have some game suggestion for test or for play, feel free to hire me. xD Also I will keep improving the way I speak and more! (But sometime I like to randomly browsing game and test it myself :P or play it xD)

Alright, Thanks for reading this short description (Actually It's slightly long lol), I will be waiting for your respond and stuff, and I am friendly xD not eating humans or else >_> :P (But looks like the official's doing craps so yea) so feel free to ask me some question or recommend me some game to play! Thanks and have a nice day!
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