Mostly here to test out demos, new games, completed games etc. I love to do Lets Play Playthroughs of various games, Walkthroughs by hand and by video. I will subscribe to games I like, I will definitely pimp out your game to everyone I know to try to get them to play it and share it as much as possible. Your RMN download pages for the games will be shared on every opening video of any Lets Play Playlist of Your Game(s) that I make as well as links to said playlists will be Pmed to you for your lovely viewing and sharing purposes! Lets try to get as many people playing your lovely games as possible!!

If you need to contact me for any reason, Or you are wondering about my youtube page, The youtube page is listed down below.

my yahoo messenger screen name is ivatreni
Yahoo Email is can be with or without caps im pretty sure it will still send to the proper place! but if not just try all lower caps just in case <3

If you still cant reach me on the three available resources PM me here! as I will be checking back regularly for updates on games that I wanna see more of! Lets make Rpg Maker Games great, I really enjoy them a lot. It's great to see people's original ideas and seeing them strive to get them out to the world. Maybe eventually in the future I might even attempt to put my own game out there. But that will be quite a ways away probably.

Currently I use the free version of Bandicam to do all my screen recordings but if anyone has a suggestion on a program I can use that will give me the ability to record my commentary at the same time as playing and recording the games that would be great! just pm the suggestions to me so I can check them out. I'm will to test out just about any kind of game so if you're looking for a tester i'd be happy to help. To be advised I am an adult and I do have a job outside of my lovely little computer, If you do enlist in my services for any particular reason, Pm me and I will let you know my work schedule for the week that way you will know when I will be readily available for any communications.
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