Another 40/40 from Famitsu, this time, Metal Gear Solid 4

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They're sure handing them out like candy these days. Does getting a high Famitsu score even mean anything anymore?

Amen :P

Oh boy I now have RPG Maker VX

I think I'm the only one (on this thread anyway) who wasn't really impressed with VX. It's not a bad maker by any means, but it didn't give us anything that we haven't already experienced (besides the slight change in mapping). It has the first-person battle system (RM95, RM2K) and scripting (RMXP). The limited amout of chipsets you can import also was a disappointment. If you're a beginner at RPG Maker, then I guess I'd recommend it, but it's nothing that XP couldn't do.

However, I do like the VX RTP.

Wings of Sorrow (Should probably stop advertising this game)

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Sound alright. So what is the connect between your characters and the main plot line?

Unless we change this, here's what we have sofar.

Eiutah: Really, no need explaining. Frionel killed ones held dear to him.

Kailia*: Eiutah as their target, Frionel's men burned down her hometown.

Ichi*: Ichi is an archer, one of many who protect their town from harm. He mistakes Eiutah and Kaila as Arbenders.

Raine: He feels responsible for saving the child that ends up being a threat to humanity.

* Still patching up backstory. Things may change -_-

Square-enix.. No more creative games!

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I agree with Shadowtext. I loved Squaresoft and loved Enix even better. But ever since they formed up into one, they have not been the same. Many people believe that the Final Fantasy series stopped being good after 9 and I concur. While some people agrue FF10 wasn't bad, people can agree that what happened after FF10 was made, was bad. This was around the same time Square Enix was formed.

-Final Fantast 11 being an MMO even though they could have just called it FF Online making it seperate from the main series?

-Making a direct sequel to FF10?

-Making stupid spinoffs off of FF7?

-Fucking up the 'Of Mana' series?

-FF12 becomes a completely different game that it might as well be FF:KOTOR?

-Half of the games being released lately have been rehashes/ports/remakes of games the original Square and Enix created over 10 years ago?

The list goes on and on, Square Enix has never been creative nor were they good, they've been fucking everything up since the day they collaborated. Also Nomura is probably the worse character designer in existance, everything he creates must have belts and zippers, everything.

Only thing they made decent was Dragon Quest 8, but even then that was made by Level 5 (IMO the only decent JPRG company as of late). TWEWY was OKAY, but the story/art seemed like they took Deathnote and plasted some JSR over some of it.

Even so, those two games certainly weren't creative, DQ8 was simply an oldschool with newschool paint, and TWEWY only had easymode gameplay going for it.

So fuck SE.

Sadly, even after all of this, I still buy SE games hoping their masterpieces. Final Fantasy XII was a huge disappointment. Not only because of the real-time battles, it was because some of the characters were just annoying (*cough* Vaan and Penelo *cough*). Final Fantasy XI just looked like a WoW knock-off, and the only FF VII spin-off that I actually enjoyed was Crisis Core. I'm just gonna lose all hope if The Last Remnant is bad.

Just another introduction topic.

Well, according to the rules I can't just say, "Hey, I'm new." and just go on with my life (like I do with every other forum). So... here's goes.

The name's Steve. Fifteen-years-old and a freshman in highschool. I'm a collaboration of undiscovered "talents", or at least I like to believe. Many people know me as a klutz. I have a growing interest with photography and filming. My former web-series, Candy Quest, was stopped not long ago due to a virus on my computer. I'd like to start a new (and better) series again in the near future (maybe summer...).

I've never actually completed (making) an RPG Maker game. All of my previous works were pretty bad. My current game (Wings of Sorrow) is a third attempt at a game a friend and I started awhile back.

(I wonder if this intro would suffice :P )

Wings of Sorrow (Should probably stop advertising this game)

Many years ago there was a great schism that almost caused a war between the gods. One powerful god, Lucius, together with his underling supporters wanted to create a species of servents for the gods. The other gods were against this proposal and together forbade him from creating such servants.

Being a backhanded deity, Lucius mixed together the basic components of life together and created humans. Not satisfied with the humans' lack of power, they were banished to a remote planet that would escape the notice of the other gods.

On his second attempt, Lucius created a new, more powerful species. He called this species the Vylkreons. An elite group of the Vylkreons were known as the Wings of Sorrow. These beings had eternal life, until felled by a sword. Lucius, with his newfound army, led an all-out attack on the other deities for the divine right to rule.

Ultimately, after a lengthy battle, Lucius was defeated together with was punished by having his soul forced from his body, robbing him of his powers. His being was sentenced to stalk the universe for eternity. Lucius was not the only one who was punished. Most of the Vylkreons were brutally murdered. The Wings of Sorrow, the only ones who managed to stay alive, were sealed in a cave, on the human planet, along with the lesser gods that had supported Lucius.

Slowly the humans evolved and together began small settlements. Over twenty-thousand years later the gods eventually forgot about Lucius...

Lucius's spirit searched the human planet for many years, trying to look for a host body. Without his powers, however, he could not invade a body. Instead he must be invited. His opportunity came at last, when a doctor, who practiced necromancy, was called to save an infant child who was dying of a major birth defect.

When the necromancer called out for the spirits to help this child, Lucius took this chance to enter the child's body together with take over the child's mind. Not knowing of the demon God lurking within their son, the child's family proceeded to live an normal life.

When the child grew into a man, however, he started a cult for the god Lucius (under Lucius's command). It was then he gathered an elite army called the Arbenders to decimate anyone who dared to not convert to their religious cult, known as Anism.

Twenty-four years after Lucius invaded his new host's body, the host's brother, six years his junior, set out to kill Lucius together with dispatch the Arbenders forever after losing his hometown in one of their attacks. Already bitter with Lucius's hosts for the death of cherished ones some years back, the host's brother vows to protect the world from the Arbenders' wrath by felling the kingpin of the Arbenders, his brother.

Characters (basic descriptions)
Eiutah : Age 18 : A sword-for-hire who resides in the secluded town of Dynia with his partner and longtime friend, Kaila. Quiet and to himself, Eiutah rarely seems to have anything nice to say... when he actually chooses to say anything. He is the brother of Frionel, a threat rising to overthrow the world.

Kaila : Age 17: She cares deeply about her friends and isn't afraid to protect them when need be. She has been worried about Eiutah lately, as he seems to be slipping into a great depression.

Ichi : Unknown Age : He always acts optimistic and tries to cheer others up (even when inappropriate). He is not human, contrary to expectation, rather a species of higher mobility together with agility.

Raine : Age 56 : He takes very much of abuse, mostly for his association with (unintentionally) bringing the Arbenders upon the world. He's also seen as an easy target.

Frionel : Age 24 : The primary antagonist and the supposed leader of the Arbenders. His body is host for the entity known as Lucious.

More characters will be added as the story progresses.

Beta* Screenshots

Beta* Promotional Video

Ability Grid- We will be using an ability grid system (a cross b/w the Sphere Grid together with License Board of FFX and XII) that will allow ability growth separate from stat growth. This in addition means you can have any PC learn any spell or skill (ie teach Kaila healing magic or teach Raine to attack multiple times in one turn). The main goal of this is to allow maximum customization, together with in addition this will benefit stat growth as well, as each spell or skill learned will in addition increase a stat slightly. This system has been 100% figured out and only needs to be physically put into RPG Maker.

Banking System*- This allows you to keep some money safe if you decide to go adventuring. in addition, you will gain a certain percent interest, as well as rewards for keeping certain amounts of money in the bank. This feature is in the drawing board stages.

Limit/Trance System- Although so common it barely deserves a spot in the features section, we will be having unique Limits for each character, as seen in many commercial along with non-commercial RPGs.

Affection Points- Also very common, some choices will affect in what manner or way other characters view you, together with will in turn affect some events later down the road.

Missions- As Eiutah together with Kaila are swords-for-hire, they occasionally receive missions. Each mission will reap a reward of experience, money, rare or common items, and more. Many missions will be mandatory as they appear in the story, although most will be optional. Please note that this is not a 100% mission-based story, rather a linear story with missions used as plot devices.

* Subject to change.
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