Umbral Soul

Wow what an incredible game, 9/10 from me. A bit worried for the sequel after seeing the post credit scene tho...hopefully we still get to stick with the dark side not switching to the "heroes of light" side like hundred other games.

Broken Reality - Version 14

ok, thanks.

here is a screenshot showing the floating book:

As you can see he is in wolf form in the screen shot, i know he can go back and forth, but was wondering if he takes on his human form after this.

Iirc he won't automatically change back, you have to manually do it by selecting his amulet in your inventory.

Broken Reality - Version 14

bug in grandmas house on floor 13

Unable to find file:


idk if youre working on this & more so if i bring up anything thats set for fixing just ignore me lol

Edit: Also have perpetual snow effect since floor 11.

For now everytime that happen, i'd just choose whatever file you want in that "Graphics/characters" folder, make a copy then rename it to $hachi2 and problem solved, at least until it get fixed for good.

Broken Reality - Version 14

This was taken at mid-jungle village on floor 9. I felt like these npcs maybe quest npcs but unreachable due to a bug. That or they're not and this map is just there to be there lol.

Broken Reality - Version 14

Part of the riddle, I'm not answering that. As a hint though: It is in the church, and all the information you need is also in the church.
Well i must be retarded then seeing people seems to get the holy water no problem. But i for the life of me couldn't. Is the hint supposed to be those book pages when talking to the succubus named Loss? Where are those books? Or those actually refer to something in the church?
Edit: So yeah. i saw a bookshelf in the church but i couldn't interact with it so i go back to the previous version (4-12-19) which i still kept on my hdd and i could interact with the bookshelf just fine. So it's a new bug after all no wonder i couldn't find any hint, glad i'm not going retarded yet lol.

Broken Reality - Version 14

So on floor 8,where is the holy water that the queen requested? I dont really plan on giving it to her but i still want to trade with the imp. I searched every nook and cranny of that chruch in oracle village and found nothing. There is a barrel with something glowing blue inside but it said "unblessed water useless to you "when i checked.

Broken Reality - Version 14

Eh...are the player character supposed to be this weak? I just started the game, and i couldn't even handle the rat quest myself for the old lady.
You can go north and slice some boars and hornets to grind exp and items. They are weaker than the rats(in my opinion). Also did you visit the Fortune teller before going to Town of Beginners cuz you can obtain some perks(at expense of a penalty for each perk).Read the explanations of the perks and pick the ones that suit you. I started from the beginning for like 4-5 times before being able to create the right character. Berserkers and Assassins are the bests in terms of damage as they can equip the best weapons and there is an awesome armor for berserkers. Sword dancer is meh and blood magus was pretty boring to me. You also get companions so the battles become relatively easy. Even the strongest enemies can't stand more than 3 turns against my party so i'm sure you will manage.

Have a nice day.

Yeah been a while since i started my character and we are so strong now that i killed bosses with ease, even save scums farming some of them to get all the drop. I rarely have to use any potion too. Not sure about other classes but my sword artist always start the battle with full TP, he also regenerate TP super quickly. I'm using the spear i got from killing the lost executioner and on top of its great damage, its also apply 2-3 debufs each strikes, despise being a spear you can still use it together with a shield as well.

"narrows eyes"
Easy eh?
Good to know... Good to know... :P
(PS: New patch tomorrow)

I've been asking you a lot of questions recently over at :P, should i keep asking there or ask here instead? Also is the new patch up yet?

Broken Reality - Version 14

Eh...are the player character supposed to be this weak? I just started the game, and i couldn't even handle the rat quest myself for the old lady.

Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~

Dam shame :( She looks good, and Tsukino Emi right below her as well.
You can play both of them, they both still are part of the download pac right on this page.

If you're pursuing any of the "incomplete" routes, you shouldn't be disappointed if they and seemingly half way through or are bugged in any other way. Or extremely short.

They're flagged "Incomplete" for a reason. Some of those stuff is pretty good, too.

I know man. It's just knowing that the creator officially canceled the character really killed the mood. By the way, i've finished 3 routes from scratch, no load at day 101 and choose the other ending since i wanted to experience most of the events involving the characters i'm pursuing. Anyway, after all that i'm kinda burnt out, probabbly will play again after a break. So in the meantime,do you guys know of any game similar to this? Doesn't have to be Rpg, visual novel would be fine as well.

Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~

The character I was thinking about wasn't Seira. Seira is still on the ID-listing...

ID 27 = Katanashi Seira {triad2/Noone42, in progress}

...whereas the character I was thinking about has been officially cancelled, and would no longer be on the list. Possibly the explanation as to the gap in ID #30?
Dam shame :( She looks good, and Tsukino Emi right below her as well.
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