Amnesia 0.5 has been re uploaded

Well I tested the Key-guardian He seems pretty easy enough. He has a high Magic Evasion rate and a some Magic Reflection since hes a Caster. I Actually made him a bit harder in the next upcoming update because The warrior was hitting him for like 1000 to 1500 dmg He only has 5k life so that is not acceptable ;P...

Amnesia 0.5 has been re uploaded

the version says0.5_1
Zander isnt in the same place but Ezeron is just to the far right. Zander is now selling the pick your poison antidote.

I am playing Exion lv13...Ezeron lv11...Divine Elmeri lv11
No sorry I meant skills. For example the warriors double strike skill is over laid with TP and MP
I meant that even when it shows I have either plenty of TP or MP for say the triple triad skill it wont work and I can only attack
Oh and just for shits and giggles I went back and talked to Ezeron and he went through his old spiel again and when he asked if he could join I said sure why the hell not. I automatically went from lv13 ro lv14 and Ezeron is now back at lv3. Woo Hoo good thing i had a save to go back to.
As many times as he shows up, you never know, you might end up with two Ezerons.

I am really sorry about him showing up all the time I think he just likes you and does not want to level up :P :P :P...... Well It could be a saved file issue???

Ok I will look into the tp-Mp overlay. Also I tested out his skills and all seems fine. If you can send me your save file I can further investigate... Also I have another giving me feedback on steam and he said Ezeron stops appearing in ver 0.5.

Yes our favorite Neighborhood drug dealer Zander is selling cures for your poison :D

Amnesia 0.5 has been re uploaded

Well I tested it out and Ezeron does not reappear are you sure your using 0.5?
Yeah the one on the far right just needs to be re-positioned that will get fixed.

About the Stats Page are you talking about the skill?
And what do you mean they don't work sometimes could you explain a little better?
What level did you fight the Guardian at so I can play test.


His name is Cull Tooth :)

Amnesia 0.5 Uploading

All I see is the old one

It is up now.


Ok I am out of energy. But heres the $64,000 question....when will the next demo arrive and can we use save files....of course you can,Grasshopper.

Well Soon as I can fix a few more thing and add on a few more things the demo should be out soon.....Meaning today or even tonight. To fix your energy problem go to skills switch actor then try using a MP potion on the Actor/character try this for now till the new version is out.

And Im sure you can use old saves in new versions unless I have to do something to make that work.


We keep this up we are going to have to get a room!
Doesnt Ezeron seem very vulnerable to getting hit hard? I spend most of my HP potions just keeping him alive. Was that $500,000 weapon there just for laughs? Because I sure do everytime I see it. Is that one of the rare blue gear you mentioned? Is there going to be any weapon/armor upgrades available this demo?
If I ho ho ha ha DO beat the hooded figure, does that open up the INN finally or do I have to go to the next town over like the guy told me to do after beating the hooded guy?

lol!!....Yes I lowered Exeron's Target rate so he shouldn't be targeted as much and uped The Strangers target rate since hes more like a tank. That 500k weapon was not only for shits and giggles :P but just wanted to show it off I guess lol it is one of the Legendary Items you will find in Amnesia. I will be working on weapon/Armor upgrades at a later date. And about the Inn Since I have not completed it yet there is no point in using it just yet but it will be open in the next ver that will continue your quests further into the world!! :). And the hooded guy is just the tip of the Iceburg you got more to do inside the Manor.


Yoo hoo.......
Ok after finally buying enough stuff to stay in town and kill all the zombies and after saving,I go to fight the hooded figure and he slays me....what lv will he be beatable? So I reboot and instead of fighting bad boy, go buy some more stuff and when I retuen all the zombies were alive again....I guess I didnt hit them all in the head, right? Does the game recognise they were beaten even though they have reappeared or do I need to do this all over again?
Also I mentioned Ezeron reappearing all the time...each time you are foolish enough to talk to him again and he joins you...he starts all over at lv 3 or 4 and I didnt realize it until a few battles and saves later.

I am sorry about the Re-spawning Zombies I have fixed that issue in the for the next version. Also the Hooded Figure should be beatable at level 8 to level 11. Also you will be happy to hear I fixed the Mana potion problem as well. Yeah dont talk to Ezeron any more :P :P :P Next ver he will stay gone. I suggest farming some mobs outside of The town to get to level 11 you should of already been their but let me know how it goes.


Fixed Ezeron will not Re-appear in the next update! :) Also I will be adding Antidote as well. Ezeron's Cure Poison skill is at level 8 sorry that I forgot to add Antidotes It will be done in next version. Also the town will be opened up completely in the next ver as well.


I will try seems he cant use MP potions about 75% of the time. Also is there no antidote. My hero is poisoned and I havent gotten any drops from spiders or wasps and that merchant doesnt sell any.
Also Ezeron is always north of the town even though I have him with me and he keeps saying the same thing.
sorry I keep adding things here. Would you rather me make a list and/or PM you?

Hmm Ezeron has Cure Poison. And its fine if you post it here :). Hmm I thought I put a Erase event on Ezeron hmmmmm....