Ok now thaat I am able to enter the town, I enter the inn...just because I can....and the game crashes.
Also all of a sudden elezeron or whatever the new guys name is...he cant use MP potions.

Hmm ill look into the crash and the inn is not finished yet so ill be sure to fix that in the next update.

Also that potion problem for mana potions I have no idea why it is doing that but I will look into that as well. I know of a temp fix for that you can do in game is by going to skill select the opposite char then go back to items and you should be able to use the mana potion on Ezeron.


Other than buying items to heal etc, there is no place to heal? I havent gotten to lv 6 yet so the zombies are still out of my there a place to heal in that village? None of the other cities,towers,etc are enterable (is that even a word?).

Sorry Roy I have not made any rest stops yet. But if you grind off of the rats then fight some of the wasp sprites. Then you should be alright have you gotten a crew member yet?

I also made it easy to make gold as well just so you can buy enough pots....

And about the other towns and towers and stuff that is my fault I should of limited the map since I dont have everything done yet facepalm :P


I have a few questions... about that future features list.

-What's the point in having 1000 levels? Why 1000 instead of, say 100?
-Since there are going to be 1000's of items, will there be a way to search for items, or sort them by type or name? Or are we going to be stuck scrolling down for minutes to get that item at the bottom of the list or spend hours searching a 1000-sized list for the item that we might need at that moment.
-How will you write 1000's of quests and side-quests while keeping them interesting and unique?

It is a project that is going to take a long time to finish. And having 1000 levels sounds interesting to me so im going with it. I might change it later who knows we shall see. All I can say to you is im going to do my best to make it fun as possible. And im looking into ways to make it easy to look through items quickly and effectively.

I am working on this project by my self with minimal help so please be patient with me. I am not building a commercial game. To be honest I personally love long games with lots of levels and quests and items and lots of monsters to fight.

So this game will be huge and will last as long as you want to play it basically. This is something im making as a hobby and fun to do :). And I hope you enjoy the game.

Also about the 1000 levels It is not going to become a major 10000 hour grind to get to max level I promise you that.


Yes very very very bad ass!!


So has anyone gotten to the last boss yet? Also I finished Compressing my files to make it smaller I knocked off at least 100 or so megs. 0.2 should finish uploading soon.


I am now uploading 0.2!


Wall should be at least two-tile high and the ceiling could definitely use other tile as this one actually blemishes quite good-mapped rooms.

Ty for that and I fixed it up hopefully it is better :)

New update ver 0.2 coming soon

I also like to post a Known Issue at the moment that I am still trying to fix is this. I used a new Icon set and trying to fix the battle icons but can seem to locate the script to fix that issue.

Shattered Hourglass

It's great, downloading right now, I can help you with your compression stages. Oh, you can use "Edit" button to tidy up your messages, no need to spam lol ^.^

Yeah Sorry about that. I tend to forget my Forum sense and not double post I was just excited is all :P...


Glad you guys subbed. And hope you enjoy this small demo. And thank you Sawworm for the info on making the Downloads Smaller :).....Btw Keep your saves for Future Updates!!!

Let me know what yall think :)