Shattered Hourglass

Download is up!!!


Go to Manage Games -> Click on your game -> Click on Downloads -> Click Add Download.

Ty :) it is 60% done now...


Does anyone know how I upload the File to the site??

Shattered Hourglass

Ok here is the link to the game I do not know how to upload the game yet....

Shattered Hourglass

Sawworm I am now compressing my demo of my game that I was making alone ill give you link to it soon......

Shattered Hourglass

I've raised the cap to 35 after your feedback, battlers and boss fights are actually pretty balanced, I keep them hard as possible, button mashing to win is no fun and you are right about the in-game testing, I'm doing this a lot, it really helps in balancing. As a RPG player I don't like easy boss battles, you might noticed the boss fights are getting harder and harder each time ^.^

I only need help in finding bugs and fixing grammar it's my only concern. Thank you. I'm really looking forward to your game. ^.^

Well I guess I could upload a old game I built when I first got started its not finished and to be honest it is in a early early alpha stage. But I can give you a link to my blogs to read up on some of the work me and my brother are doing....

Here is the link: To one of my blogs

Link to my Profile:

Shattered Hourglass

Thank you for your feedback!

I've been thinking about making re making ending cutscenes. I'll probably add a part that "what will going to happened to our party after the end?" Also "Light God person" will be in this cutscene... as a late comer.

I've noticed that too, Instead of buffing end game boss, he'll be the first phase of last battle, a big "Oh shit!" moment will coming up in his next phase, *insert evil laugh here*.

With adding optional battlers to chapter 3, I can raise the Level Cap to 35 or 39, Chapter 3 is kinda lack of optional boss battles.

I'm pretty happy about 7/10, When your game is too long, it takes long time to fix stuff :D

It was a pleasure to play your game it was alot of fun. And I will agree ch.3 lacked alot on the bosses and battlers if increased level cap to 35 to 40 would be the best idea because people would want to progress with the chapter. The only things you would need to do is balance the battlers and boss fights and that really only require in-game testing which id like to extend a hand in helping you improve your game if you need help.

This is just a suggestion here.... Instead of switching jobs why not make it optional to make a certain job a sub-class and allow it to level up with ur old job: Example level 30 Time mage Sub-class fire mage level 20 the stats from the fire mage adds to the level 30 time mage class.

But yes your ending does need alot of work and thought because it felt like once you defeated the boss that was basically it. You didn't even get any loot for defeating him. I also think giving a story about what happened to the characters would also bring some closer to the players as well.

I wouldn't mind lending a hand if you would like the help :) I have 160 plus hours of experience with the editor so far. Also I have a ventrilo which is a voice communication program that can make collaboration easier.

Shattered Hourglass

Well I completed the game!! Woot interesting ending to lol. It was a little under-dramatic but not to bad and the weird part is that Light god person did not come to my aid in the fight?? when she said she would help odd??

Other then that I think the end boss wasn't to hard but I guess he could use a bit of a buff but that's just me. A few things I have not gotten into yet is the arena and the factory and I think after that im done with the game.
Story line was awesome fun. Boss fights were top notch challenging.

The games cons for me though was the Level cap and alot of items in this game seem to be worthless and the ending could of been alot better. And of course the Spelling errors.

Another con is because of the level cap I lost interest in grinding for gold and xp and items because I reached the cap. So I found my self skipping alot of monster fights so about 3 to 5 hours of the game I skipped mobs to get to the ending sadly :(. When their is no growth in a game people will lose interest in a game pretty fast just a tip....

I spent 30 hours in the game not to bad I love long game and even longer one's.

I hope when you improve the rest of this game you will expand on this game and continue the Series or even a squeal with a higher level cap alot more items and characters.

So I give this game a 7/10 not to bad of a game good job and good work :)

Shattered Hourglass

I have the fire and ice key now where in the world do I go??? never mind I found it. It was way back at that beginning town :D

Shattered Hourglass

Yeah, you'll find better equipments and items later on. Doing some side quests or making fountain to your house will grant you end game weapons or armors. There are plenty of side quest you can find, you have to discover them ^.^

I see good thanks for answering my questions I know Ive been a bother lately :P