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I'm Sebastian, Game designer and developer, studying a Game Design Master's degree.




Thanks Shayoko! It plays like a menu-based raising simulator, where you go in adventures with the people, and do work/study to raise stats. I guess it's kind of a niche genre, but I like it :)

Adventure Academy

Oh! I'm so sorry for the RTP / no RTP confusion! I'll check it up when I get home today!
Thanks guys.

Adventure Academy

Haha thanks DoggyBuddie! Not expanding this game right now, but we've been working in a browser puzzle game: Way to the Promised Land. You can try it out here:

Adventure Academy

What has happened, wildwes? The download doesn't seem broken. Which version did you download?

Adventure Academy

Hmm how strange. With past saves I can do it with no problem. I'll start a new game and try it.

Is there sth strange that you have done? Have you gone through the dungeons? Did you manage to change into classes for the first time? Was there a particular event before the month?

Adventure Academy

Hmm intriguing... I'll look into it!! Thx!

Adventure Academy

For now, the rewards... are just Congratulations :D
The first demon guy at the palace, you can't win (at least in the flashback sequence). In the ending, you obviously can :D

The next release will definitely add festival rewards! What do you think? I think of some things... equipment, gold... maybe some image that appears in the selection screen for jobs, or in a menu! Or a secret skill related to the contest!

Adventure Academy

Thanks, wolfhoundv! I'll make sure of that.

Regarding the random event scenes... yeah, I tried a lot of things with the random event engine, but still haven't gotten a really good result. Right now, there's a 20% chance of getting an event after every job. I think I may change the system to add certain number (between 1 and 5) to a variable, and whenever it reaches 20, trigger the event. That may help in fighting the "various sequential random events" problem.

Adventure Academy

Were you people able to find the Earth Ruby to save Error?
I just found it by total accident. Yay me!

I'm so glad that you found it. I'm thinking of making it more obvious, as it unlocks a great deal of random fun events with Error!

About reviews and stuff... does the game have to be very famous or good to be reviewed? :O

Adventure Academy

author=Roy the second class change and after I have failed to make it. I am rejected (once again regardless how many skills I accomplish)and then it freezes at a screen informing me Year 3 June/Summer.

Have you raised your stats (Strength, Agility, Creativity, etc) until an acceptable level for the change? Hmm... the game should enable you to do the class-change.

Maybe if you send me a screenshot of the stat window I could tell what's wrong!
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