Beginner's Guide to Adventure Game Studio - Part Two

I disagree with Link's conclusion. While this tutorial may not be enough to make an entire game and slightly outdated, it was still a cogent summary of the early important steps. With this description alone, I was able to put together a brief game with multi-character interactivity.
The best part about this tutorial is that it offers things in the order that a developer would actually want to make a game in. Attempting to learn with the in-tool help as per Link's suggestion had me jumping all over the place to find the information I needed, and the information I did find I needed to verify with some scattered forum posts to see the proper way to actually incorporate it.
Another great thing about the tutorial is that it's presented in a text/image format, instead of a video. Two advantages to this - one, you don't have to listen to some dolt blithering on and can just text search what you need to know, and two, you can work from the information at your own pace instead of constantly pausing a video.
I hope that part three is eventually made. I'm going to attempt to learn the rest of what I need by myself, but a quick overview like that made by these two parts would be a great help.
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