Bonus: World Maps

Even when the Engine is Rm2003 it can still be applied to every level design related.

Table of contents:

1 The basics
a the 'yeses'
b the 'noes'

2 The specific Basics:
a Mountains
b Forests
c Towns
d Deserts
e Plains

f World Map Tips (You are here)

3 Adding to a map
a Eventing
b Overlapping
c Effects
d Overlays


World maps are really the only thing someone can't tell you how to map. World maps are entirly up to your plot, and what's in your game. Plus, I don't use world maps. But, I guess I could do a breif summary on what I do when I did make them:

World Maps : The basis of many RPGs. Depending on what your game has to offer is how it will look and be. It's hard to decorate a world map in some ways, such as the 'you can look here but not walk here' way, because with boats and etc, there's always a way to get to places. But, I personally make things like this:

Caves- Caves need to have moutains surrounding them. And, I'm not just talking about a little bity mountain range, I'm talking about a lot of moutains. Caves should be linked, meaning that if a cave goes one way into a mountain, then the mountains should spand all the way to the exit of the cave on the world map.

Waters- Shallow waters should always be around the land, and deeper waters farther from the land. World maps should have plenty of rivers flowing through the land, and a water fall or two on it as well.

I hate seeing forests that go on forever. Forests are nice to have, but I'd rather see them in small bunches. Put a bunch of ten tiles there, 13 here, and 15 way over there. Don't group them up in a 30 tile clump.

Grasses- Darker grasses should outline the forests if possible, and thick grasses should be near any ponds or lakes you've got. Again, having a different color grass then the grasses around it makes a path in a person's head, so use that to make any paths you want.

Deserts- Again, don't have your deserts go on and on. There's really nothing else to say about deserts.

Snowlands- Put some events here. You'll want snow and maybe a cloud or two. Do this just like you would any other part of a map, outline forests with darker snow and etc.

That's it for the world map. There aren't much given but allow me to show some example for you guys!


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