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RPG Maker 95 is a tile-based point and click engine tailored towards creating SNES-era-like RPGs and was the first to be released in the long-running series of RPG Maker programs for the Windows operating system.

RPG Maker 95 runs in 640x480 resolution with 32x32 pixel tiles and 32x32 sprites using the .BMP image file format limited to a 256 color palette. The default battle system is a frontview system reminiscent of early Dragon Quest games, with invisible player characters and static monster sprites. The engine uses the MIDI file format for music and WAV format for sound effects.

Engine Details

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In windows 7:
- games have problems with 8 bit palette - this can solved in this same way what another old games - but not 100%
- If you use Aero, text in games maybe not display - you can repair change window background for black and white.
- program work unstable - you should often save project. I know that all version, except 1.31 value, crash in item/magic editor and hero/event move setup (in 1.23xp stifu repair last bug, magic and item can edit in hex), but in my windows 7 this repair itself XD (I don't know how)...

Not work first don miguel translation - this is bug in translation - japan version 1.00 work OK in 7.
Are the MIDIs with this still available somewhere?
I have the RM95 RTP in my locker. It has the music in the SYS/BGM folder.
Would this work in Windows 7?

It along with its games works on my windows 10 computer, So yeah, Sure windows 7 works.
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