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Project Web Page: http://rpg20xx.com/
Click here for documentation (Includes material formats)

RPG 20XX is a redesign of RPG Maker 20XX... Which was an upgrade replacement for RPG Maker 2003's engine. This newer engine will have nothing to do with the RPG Maker series of engines apart from the familiarity of the editor and engine features.

RPG 20XX should provide lots of advanced features yet remain faithful to the retro scale of RPG Maker 2003. It should not require actual writing of program scripts and instead provide a clever implementation of a click-together event scripting system similar to the older RPG Maker engines. Most notably the ability to re-adjust the battle calculations purely through event scripting.

Lots of common tedium and annoyances of RPG Maker 2003 should be eliminated. RPG 20XX will provide global battle events for all battles, a quest system, simplified character development, local save variables per event, and other simple conveniences.

Lastly, there is a need for an engine that runs on older and more modern systems. A game created with RPG 20XX now will be much easier to get running again in the year 20XX later. All of this is currently licensed under the GNU GPL v3 so you can check out the source code any time if you really wanted to. It will be a community project, free as in price and in freedom to create the RPGs in a fun familiar way like you always wished RPG Maker 2003 could do these days.

Testing and using the software helps. I give thanks to my testers.

If you use this software, you agree to use the software under the MIT General Public License Version 3: https://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html
Copyright © 2014, WolfCoder (WolfCoder Workshop)

Latest Bulletin

0.31 Released

  • Liberty
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  • 04/19/2016 03:12 AM
I wanted to get more done with this release, but I've made some important fixes. The first ones had already been released a while ago, but there's new ones.

Along with the standard system soundtrack and the perspective mode, you can see a handful of standard event commands also being put in.

You can download this version by clicking the button up there.

- Added the Perspective Mode command, MODE7, yeah!

- Fixed a rare event that an auto start / parallel event that changes the map freezes the processing of next events on new map

- Added the Change Background comamnd to change current map's background

- Added the Change Tileset command to change current map's tileset

- Added the Recall Music command to recall previously memorized music

- Added the Memorize Music command to memorize current music

- Added the Fade Music command to fade/stop music

- Added the Set System Graphic command to change system graphics

- Editor now ignores odd files inside the .bin and .dat folders during compile

- Editor now warns and guards you from saving projects in the editor's folder, this would cause undesired operation

- Added the Equip command to equip items on players

- Added the Unequip All command to remove all equipment from one player

- Added the Unequip command to remove equipment from player

- Added the Set Level command to directly set a player's level

- Added the Set Common BGM command to change the common system music throughout the game

- Added the Set Common Sound command to change the common system sounds throughout the game

- Fixed an issue with saving NOSAVE players and the game save possibly freezing the engine on load

- Added the Common BGM command to play common music set in the project settings

- Can now set common BGM via the project settings. These play during battle, title screen, victory, game over, etc.

- Battle situations/layouts are now handled (surprised, advantage, pincer and surrounded)

- Fixed a problem where AI tables would decide on an action using skill even if the enemy player doesn't have enough MP for the skill

- Fixed an error when loading single battler images during default battle system

- Fixed inconsistent system sounds when opening and closing the in-game manager menu

- Can now set a default battle background for maps in case terrain background is undefined

Engine Details


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I am willing to give this a shot. What do you need tested specifically. What would help the most?
The answer to your questions can be found at http://rpgmaker.net/games/2664/ and the above bulletin Testing - Doing Our Part. Wolfcoder doesn't post here anymore, so you won't get a direct response from the creator.

Short answer: Test EVERYTHING, as even the most basic of things doesn't work right.
This isn't the place to report bugs. Use the bulletin or send them to WC directly using any of the methods provided above. There needs to be a centralized location to report bugs so that one doesn't need to view every page and read through pages of comments just to find them.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
What is actually involved in testing RPG Maker 20xx?
author=Max McGee
What is actually involved in testing RPG Maker 20xx?

You just posted in the topic that was made to help everyone understand how to do that.


I'll give a brief answer to your question there. Although Feld kinda already explained it.

If anyone happened to download the engine recently, double-check to make sure it is okay! (and redownload it)
Is this any good? what exactly are the improvements?
Go to the game page and look through the images, each image shows off a feature. Look att he tab about special commands.
I'm a newbie to this RPG maker thing. Is this one good for beginners?
I too am new and I am curious if this is a good engine for us new beginner folks. (^.^); I'd highly enjoy to take my time (<.<); the little time I do have ... to try to make a quality short game with this and report bug and improvements along the way.. I am kind of confused though... Is this a engine that is still being worked on for improvement of development? I was kind of confused by the post under the description. ... If this is a continuing engine then I'm more then happy to test things out and see what is going on. (^.^) possibly make a great creation with the engine and be a success story. (ouo)d thinking possessive

any.. stay magical (/ouo)/

Having gotten my first 4/5, I must now work hard to obtain... my second 4/5.
This sounds awesome! I knew there had to be an Open Source RPG Maker-like. I'm going to try it out :)
Even newspapers have those nowadays.
Hey, why on the project page there is info about random RPG instead of the 20xx engine?
Because that is the page for the engine...
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