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SmokingWOLF is the Developer and Creator of the WOLF RPG Editor, which is a free WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) RPG Maker software. They've had silversecond.net up and running since 12/24/1998, and they have provided WOLF RPG Editor as well as other assets for people in Japan.

WOLF RPG Editor is a game construction tool that can create complex role playing games. It is often regarded as being aimed at advanced users, so keep this in mind if you intend to use it. The engine is free to use, and the public license allows you to freely distribute and even sell your created games.

The English translation is provided by Velella Himmel (vgperson) and edited by Jeffrey Casey (Widderune).

The engine is available for Windows only. The English translation is available to download on ModDB.

Engine Details


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just LIMITED english version, some can´t change even... just :I .
just LIMITED english version, some can´t change even... just :I .

I agree with this statement when it comes to WOLF RPG Editor English 2.10D.

But we have just released our last and latest translation, WOLF RPG Editor English 2.24Z!

Please visit the engine's website link and see the improvements of 2.24Z!
Attention! :
Fixed "Save/Load Game" glitch
of the "(Blank Data )" Data folder.

I only found this glitch when I was designing my own game.
It is only with the above mentioned folder, not anything else.

If anyone who is using the OLD Base System (before the fix), please save & export your work and then slowly load & import it into the FIXED Base System.

I am sorry for the mess, but it cannot be overlooked.
Thank you.
I released a "Lantern" tutorial on this website.
Feel free to check it out.
I have updated the WOLF RPG Editor English 2.24Z files.
Fixed "File Read Error" that appears when using the "(Completely Blank Data)".
It was a small problem that was overlooked by the original Japanese developers
(and by me).
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Sorry everyone.
I will not be available this week or next week.
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
Thanks for your efforts!
Hello Everyone!
I know there are many of you stuck at home, enduring this time of the Corona virus.
I wish I could give you something today, but I am preparing for a final surprise within the Extras folder of WRPGE.
I won't tell you what to expect, but it will be worth the wait.
Hello Everyone!
You can now download everything related to WOLF RPG Editor English 2.24Z
There was an error discovered and reported to me by user Reptile https://twitter.com/Reptile94089979
After losing a battle, the player's characters were still in the 0 HP & Fainted state within the game menu.

To fix the problem (unless I forgot), all you need to do is go to Common Event 75, Line 210.

It should be a "Load DB" command for the User Database.
Change the entries for Type 17: Data 0: Field 21.
If done correctly, there should be a "FaintMembers After Battle" within the entry.
Thank you for your patience.
I did a small update to "Editor.exe" of WRPGE English 2.24Z
The Editor's command codes will appear slightly different, but it will help you see the order of commands on screen.
The "|" help you see the different levels of coding.
(No updates to the "Extras" folder yet. Sorry.)
Hello everyone!

The WOLF RPG Editor 2.24Z executable has been updated. Now you can see the translated error messages for when you forget to put in the "Data" folder for your current project.

The Editor's loading image has also been replaced.


WOLF RPG Editor English 2.24Z
It's cool to see you're still updating it. Thanks!
I would have imagined that this would have been dropped a long time ago. But I'm glad to see it updated just late last year...
I would have imagined that this would have been dropped a long time ago. But I'm glad to see it updated just late last year...

The Japanese developers have actually made newer versions of WOLF RPG Editor.
But unfortunately, they are in Japanese and I have retired myself from the translation process.
I at least (hopefully) will add some goodies to the "Extras" folder later for the WRPGE English 2.24Z, as well as make some updated changes to my website.
Much like game development, one needs time and patience. I hope you understand.
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