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SmokingWOLF is the Developer and Creator of the WOLF RPG Editor, which is a free WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) RPG Maker software. They've had silversecond.net up and running since 12/24/1998, and they have provided WOLF RPG Editor as well as other assets for people in Japan.

WOLF RPG Editor is a game construction tool that can create complex role playing games. It is often regarded as being aimed at advanced users, so keep this in mind if you intend to use it. The engine is free to use, and the public license allows you to freely distribute and even sell your created games.

The English translation is provided by Velella Himmel (vgperson) and edited by Jeffrey Casey (Widderune).

The engine is available for Windows only. The English translation is available to download on ModDB.

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just LIMITED english version, some canĀ“t change even... just :I .
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