Release Something! Day is back. For those of you who are unaware as to what RS!D is, it is an event wherein we release something on a predetermined date. That "something" can be a work-in-progress demo, an OST, a video, or whatever. And then right after that release, everyone plays everyone else's stuff.

This is the first time one of these will be run as an event. There are some limitations though - only game downloads can be submitted to the "official" event submission. But that's okay! I will manually compile all of the other types of submissions and update the event page.

Some rules:
1. If you are posting a game demo, make a Gameprofile and simply submit the download
2. If you are posting other media (like screens or music) submit it to the site and then post a link to it in the comments
3. If you are posting a review submit it to the site and post the title of the review, the title of the game and a link to the review

I've coincided the Release Day (December 1st) with the end of the National Game Development Month. This was on purpose. Work on your games for the NaGaDeMo, and then showcase them here on Release Something! Day 11!

Like always, the aim is to truly try to capture the spirit of releasing something. It is not about prepping a major release, or making something in a fury to have something new to show for the event. It is about showing your works-in-progress, getting feedback, and checking out what other people are working on. Like a snapshot of RMN's development community.

Sign up below!


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  • 12/02/2011 01:00 PM
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I've chosen the AVCHD preset because it's pretty standard.
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Is this only for ONE day? O.K...but in case, who wants to be part of my RPG maker 2k3 team? As in helping me make a new trailer for JailBreakOut?

You have to submit it within that time. That doesn't mean that you have to work on something for that one day.
I was going to release a video, but Max drained out my motivation. :(
Release it anyway! And in the past, Release Something has worked out in both theory AND practice (no mean feat!)

Kenton, will you be releasing your trouser snake on release something day?
I once banned myself by mistake
I plan on releasing my bowels.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Do you expect any feedback...
must be all that rtp in your diet

sounds like a game about escaping from a really bad case of acne
I am Pyrdoom, Hedgehog of Fire and the Time Controller.
sounds like a game about escaping from a really bad case of acne

It isn't -_- ask if you need info...
Guardian Angel of the Description Thread
Well, the basics of my demo are all in place, and working to satisfaction. The world map could certainly use some, er, stuff, and I'm not sure if the dungeon relays the sensation it's supposed to.

Oh well. I've time to mess around with things, I suppose!
Hopefully everyone will be able to release something and not think to hard about it. Feels like show and tell when i was little, trying to figure out which toy to bring...
I'm trying to get a couple of things done for this. One is a re-release of a project of mine from years ago, and the other is a demo for my new dungeon crawler.

For the "completed" game, I'm just going back through it to try and remove some of bugs and really annoying stuff from the first release, but the Breach demo is going to require a ton of work. It is playable right now, but I don't really have any of the story implemented yet, just the basic systems.
Gamers don't die, they respawn.
There are some things I want to make sure:
1) This IS team orientated, right? What if we want to work solo? Is that also allowed or should I wait for the next RS!D? I know this might sound redundant, but I just wanna make sure, that's all.

2) So, if I were to release a demo of a game, I would need to make a game-profile. What if I don't have enough information nor screenshots to have that game be valid? Should I just go ahead and make a game-profile anyways (I'm assuming it to be only temporary in this way) ?

I know these questions sound... kinda stupid, but I am just trying to cover all my bases and making sure I am doing it correctly so I don't make a mistake. >.<;;
There are some things I want to make sure:
1) This IS team orientated, right? What if we want to work solo? Is that also allowed or should I wait for the next RS!D? I know this might sound redundant, but I just wanna make sure, that's all.

It is NOT Team oriented. If you look at the ones who signed up, you'll notice that almost all are soloists, including me.

Release Something is basically what it is: Release Something. It ain't matter if it's solo or team.

For 2), minimum of 3 screenshots are more than enough, and just basic information.

Well, if your game doesn't have enough information or screenshots to make a game valid, it just goes to show you're not ready to release it yet...there should at least have enough content to show your progress and receive feedback (to your heart's desire, anyway).
Can I release a minecraft map for this?
I once banned myself by mistake

RMN doesn't typically deal with mods/maps for commercial games, but then it's never really been discussed before.
XD I found the one thing that may or may not be a loop hole in the release something system. I was just curious, as my actual entry is still rm2k3.
I'm out. I think the whole point of this event is to motivate us to work on stuff, and I have been working hard on my game, but there's nothing of it to release right now. If I released something else exclusively for this event, I'd be losing focus on my main project, which is kinda against the whole point.

Good luck everyone!
I'll release something. It might be like 20 minutes long though, heh.
I think I'm going to go ahead and release a short demo of Colorless Quest on Dec 1st
I'm looking for someone to help me out.
Is it possible to submit my gam pag earlier and to hold it back until the 1st of December? Because I'm moving on the 1st and won't possibly be able to submit it in the nick of time...

(p.s.: 31 participants! What the ...)
Sigh... I just completely unneceseraly stalled my project...
Well because I'm a goddamn idiot who presse SAVE instead of LOAD.
So yeah. I have to start all over, luckily there is still aboout a week left and my project is not a months work but rather a simple idea that I work every now and then.
I know most of you didn't actually need to know this in any way, but I thought if someone has not yet realized that saving an empty file over a previous work is stupid...
Well now you know.