Last year you made new games of horror and suspense. This year we're doing something different. Break out your ouija boards, people, and get prepared to tackle some ghosts!

It's time to raise the dead...

This is an event that will focus on breathing new life in to old games, to taking from the past and remaking the future.

The idea of the competition is to take an old game and rework it back into being. It can be a cancelled project, a project idea that didn't work out or something you lost in the past for whatever reason. You can build off the base of the old project or start something new using the ideas that you had. Revive, rework, restore, remake... it's up to you. As long as something of the original project remains then it counts.

Each entry will gain two badges - one for participation and one for the area in which they worked.

Those areas are:=
Revival - Taking parts of a dead project and bringing it back. Parts can include resources, ideas, systems and the like. Note that it doesn't have to be built off the remains of a game, but should have something of the old game in it. You can, however, use the old game as base if you want to. Needs to be a complete game, though.

Rebirth - Taking the ideas that you once had in an old game and reusing them to build a new game instead. This game shouldn't be the old game - it should be new, but use ideas and such that are old. Needs to be a complete game, though.

Reanimate - Taking an old project and building off it in the intent to finish. You do not need to complete the game - a new build or demo with sufficient additions will grant you this badge.

Readying - Taking part and trying, even if all you end up with are words on a page. This will be granted to people who take part in the comment section when certain questions and mini-challenges are thrown there.

At the end of the event the four judges will pick their favourite game each and award a special prize. There will also be a prize for the Most Valuable Participator.

Judges for this event are Nessiah, Unity, Gourd and Liberty.

+ You must start reworking your dead projects/ideas on the 1st of October and have until the 30th to finish. All are due on the 30th of October, 12 Midnight, EST.

+ Games must have all files included that have been used. If you don't know how to set it so that no RTP is required, just ask.

+ The main focus of your game must come from an old idea, lost or cancelled game or series of ideas/games.

+ The game must be complete at the deadline to count for a badge and MS. If it is not complete, you can still gain a participation badge by participating in the discussions and feedback in the comment section of this event.

+ You may have more than one team, more than one game. Teams of up to ten are allowed.

+ You may use any engine you wish.

+ When you add your complete game, please me know which category it falls under.

Any questions and queries, ask in the comments below.


  • 10/01/2014 12:00 AM
  • 10/31/2014 11:59 AM
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Teams Members Entry
Bubble Flower Pony Glitter Rainbow Friends
Glory Glory ManUTunger!
Team of One
Old Ideas Unite!
GRS, add me on XIV and mail me Grade 1 Clothcraft Prisms.
Legacy Reborn Revival?
Team Maximus
It's a crisis alright...
FilleCraft Gaming Productions
Bring dat beat back.
I Am Not Boxbot
N.T.S. "Not so original"
Space Opera in Space
Gourdy Judgy
Celdran's neverending Curse
Few Paths Forbidden
I _knew_ I should've just grinded WVR instead of trying to get back to work!
Every 'active' project of mine would qualify as a dead project
Let what's dead stay dead.
Slimey's gonna get work put in!
So You’re Telling Me That There’s A Chance
Let's Mak Gams
Gam Mak? When was the last time I did that?
So Not Gonna Sleep for the Month
GRS, don't add me on XIV and mail me Grade 1 Clothcraft Prisms.
Something. I don't know, but SOMETHING.
In Search of Dragons, the revenge
Holy Gam Mak, Batman!
Here goes nothing...
Ba-dum tish
egg party
Well, time to get the ol' shovel...
Jomarcenter games (this time going to release something)
Finally a halloween contest without the pesky halloween part!
A Hill Reborn
Game Cemetery
game on, nerds!!
conditions of descent
EH I can probably get the game page and screenshots up by the 30th
Gems Are Shining
Role-Playing Game Breaker 2101 AD
It's "Descendant" not "Decendant"
Monster Closets


Play Video Games and Make Let's Plays
Everyone is crazy except these two blondes.
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
School is a dangerous place. so beware.
Three trials to marry her. Also? Duuuuuuude...
Three great men pursue one shared ideal.
always up for cute art and spicy gay romance
Stuck in space with 1% oxygen left.

Is 1% one word or two? Close enough.
I'll never change. "Me" is better than your opinion, dummy!
Not sure what I'm gonna do for this yet, but there's several projects, abandoned and unfinished, which I could ready in time for this contest.
You're magical to me.
Typical beginner's RPG Maker game but still.

I'm still thinking on a serious answer to the question XD
A ship full of zombies in space.
That kawaii dungeon crawler of intense pain.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Assuming I actually do something for this (which is still very much up in the air), I guess my seven words would be...

He... he wanted to be defeated?

I know that's only six, but, uh, yeah.
That one Batman scene. M'yeah, that one.
(Hope that still counts.)
edited because I can't count
Interesting battler designs leading to interesting combat.

Well, hopefully anyway! :O
Try playing this without WTFing. You can't.
Everyone is crazy except these two blondes.
A ship full of zombies in space.
Assuming I actually do something for this (which is still very much up in the air), I guess my seven words would be...

He... he wanted to be defeated?

I know that's only six, but, uh, yeah.
Interesting battler designs leading to interesting combat.

Well, hopefully anyway! :O

These ones are catching my eye ooh~

I can't wait to see what everyone makes for this contest considering the descriptions so far!
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
So far it's only the 4th and I've already spend over 30 hours on this jazz. At this rate I might even be done by Monday (no promises though).
Guardian of the Description Thread
Tomorrow is slated as an "Oracle day". I'll see if I can't slide in a little something for this as well.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
What does "Protect the People" even mean?

e: I forgot to work on my game for a month because I needed to level WHM, BLM, SMN, and SCH to 50 for that sweet, sweet <Archmage> title.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
Since finishing within the time limit is a priority, I decided to make a single map (17x13 tiles) for my whole game. Similar to Craze's Epic Monster Dungeon Explore! 2.
Here's an early version with mostly placeholder graphics (probably :P).

Encounters happen on red exclamation points and in "dungeons".
Might make seperate maps for the dungeons, if I'm not too slow with my entry.

Call it ironic but...
I actually ended up dumping the project, again.
I guess a 'Diablo x Pokemon' game is too far-out..

Starting over, looking at the bench to see who else is fit for combat.