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Played D&D 5e last night. My life depended on a single die roll.

My character, Shonder, just saw his brother attempt to assassinate the leader of a military occupation in their city; only to be sacreficed to a demon.
He was currently looking for, and trying to find his brother. Now he is on a blood path of vengeance. Not really clicking in to what his brother was doing. Just that these soldiers killed his bro.
So anyway, me and another guy nearly got overwhelmed by the entire damn army; but Shonder knows the city like the back of his hand and led the other guy to safety in the sewers.
We travelled for a while and met this old rat man who ahowed us the way through the sewers that I was getting lost in.
After crawling and wadding through piles of shit, we emerge into a busy area of the docks. We come across another party member, and learn that our other member was lost or abducted.
The guy I escaped with uses presditigitation on himself to clean up and talk to a beautiful prostitute for 'information'. Shonder meanwhile walks away to go look in some of the places I know about.

Shonder is almost immediately surrounded by some half-orc soldiers, whom sneer at his sewage-covered person.
"citizen, state your name!"
"Shonder." With a scowl.
"And how'd you get to be like... This?" The guards laugh amongst themselves. Feeling invincible in their occupation of the city.
Without hesitation: "I was hangin' around your lot."
They do not appreciate this insubordination and begin to beat on me. 3 on 1, while 2 more hang in the back to laugh.
Shonder's weapon of choice, a crowbar, meets the ringleaders face connecting heavy blows and disarming him in the process.
Shonder's team mates see what is happening and hurry over in disguise as soldiers to try and break up the fight. We are literally surrounded by soldiers, and things are going south.
Alas, no talking helps, so the one guy kills the ringleader with a sword in the back, and Shonder impales another soldier's head with his crowbar hook. The third takes flight, despite Shonder's attempt to stop him.
In the background, the two guards who were enjoying the show light up the sky with a call-to-arms flare. Shiiiiiit.
Shonder, now half-health OOC, is angry and wants more, but can see the writing on the walls so to speak.
As they run away, Shonder leading them to a safehouse, three demons decend from the sky. We are fucked and i know it. Shonder heaves himself up a building to grapple and distract the monsters so the team can escape. It works. Buuuut instead of getting close enough to grapple, they use a ranged spike attack and Shonder is at -4 HP.
In D&D 5e you get 3 rolls of a d20 to attempt a deathsave. But you are only allowed 3 fails or you are permadead.

First: Win.
Second: Fail.
Third: Fail.
Fourth: Win.
2-2 count. Last roll was my life. The night was still young, so i decided I didn't want to siderail the session with my shit. And said i'd take the roll to finish the session.

2 hours go by. I am drawing my character, and relaxing. Thinking "I'm okay dying. I played my character how i needed to. It is a good death."

We get to the roll moment, and i have accepted death. My GM meanwhile has been building his anxiety about my death all session lmao
I roll the d20 nonchalantly, ready for a 1. My GM is literally gripping the arms of his chair with panic.
Rolled 13. Needed 10. Sigh of relief, and me going, 'oh good.'
Awesome end to a session.
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d&d stories are nice to read
We should have a table top RPG topic.
After all, for the purpose of the review (as in, the point of writing a review in the first place, which is to give your own personal take on what the game made you feel)

I think of the reviews I write here as being 60% for the creator of the game and 40% for anyone and everyone else who might consider playing the game. There are, I think, a significant number, maybe even a "silent majority", of RMN users that just come here to play free video games. Or I would imagine so.

I don't personally care if someone enjoyed the game when I didn't, or if they had a different interpretation of the events in the game, or anything like that,

I would think both of these things could lead to interesting discussions--the latter much more than the former. I can see the former leading to shit flame wars as well. But I don't know why you don't care about people's alternate interpretations of games' events. That shit is fascinating to me

Or maybe I'm getting it wrong and just can't see the appeal of discussing a review you made of someone else's game.

Well, one thing you're completely missing is that reviewing or critiquing is a craft in and of itself. There are plenty of reviews on this site that are flat out better than plenty of other reviews on this site. Regardless of the actual opinions being articulated, some reviews are more in-depth, more eloquent, and more entertaining than others. Length isn't a virtue in and of itself, but I would think reviewers would like kudos for putting out an in-depth 5,000 word dissection of a game, with screenshots, that's eloquent and entertaining as opposed to banging out three hundred words of poorly spelled and capitalized crap.

Personally, when I say I want comments on my reviews, I want to know if I was suitably in-depth, eloquent, and entertaining. I don't mind discussing differing opinions of the game's quality, but after a few comments back and forth on that I probably would tell someone to write their own review if they disagreed with me quite strongly. If the game has sufficient complexity and depth that there are multiple interpretations of its plot and meaning, that I could gladly talk about all day.
https://www.pluralist.com/posts/1824-millennial-couple-bikes-through-isis-territory-to-prove-humans-are-kind-and-gets-killed/partners/44450I wonder why whoever wrote the article felt it was necessary to point out that they were vegan and vegetarian.

for teh lulz. Those poor sweet people essentially won a Darwin Award, there's no disputing that. They did a very stupid thing based on a very inaccurate understanding of how the world works. I think that their vegetarian diet was pointed out to further tie their stupidity to liberals, and to thus shit on liberals in general.

Their understanding of human nature was so shitty and wrong that they literally died from it. I can certainly see the black humor there.

Corfaisus' post is fucking awesome. Said everything I had to say, really, but funnier. Agree with basically all of it except his failure to appreciate thunderstorms.
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
Ah, I see. Then it's not a matter of your opinion on this being more correct than mine, it's just a matter of differing purposes for writing reviews. You seek feedback on your writing style, professionalism and mettle, and to be better than other reviewers, I seek to give a personal message to the people who made the game first, and entertain a crowd a distant third (going on tangents comes second).

It is fair. I now understand your odd point of view on this subject a little bit better, thank you for clarifying.
Fair enough, glad that we have a mutual understanding.

Just tbc, it's not like I'm on a quest to be the best reviewer of all, just to produce a review that's informative to the creator (my first priority) and the public (my second) and is also in-depth, eloquent, and entertaining (my third).

anyway thats more than enough serioustalk for welp!
Right now I'm bored out of my mind waiting for the new event to start. I could work on other projects in the meantime, I suppose.
Guardian of the Description Thread
I'm... kinda thinking about dropping from that swap event. It's weird. I remember wanting to see another one happen, and there's, like, an hour left before it actually begins.

I dunno. I guess it's gonna be a little weird to aim for what amounts to a half-game in a two-week period when my typical mindset for events is to make a complete game in a similar time-frame.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
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What is that and why do I not have it right now?
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I see SMT, I want.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
red: it's smt dx2 liberation, the gacha game. except the gacha is trash and you should never roll on it because you can fuse any demon you want. the actual game and story are pretty great

I see SMT, I want.


Wonder if YDS knows he is a legend for making this topic after so many years?

Is Froggo a stoner now?
Wonder if YDS knows he is a legend for making this topic after so many years?

can I take the credit
OrudoPatto, kisama!
I see SMT, I want.